Minor Annoyances: All of you All

Why do people from a certain city that I otherwise love make me cringe everytime they say “All of you all are fabulous ” or “You all are fabulous“, when they are talking to a sum total of two people? Where do they think they are? In the deep South of the US?

Some people take it further and say “You all” when speaking to one person. And in this city, it’s the most educated lot, the ones who went to the more posh schools and colleges who do it. A prize for those who guess this city in India. 🙂

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20 Responses to Minor Annoyances: All of you All

  1. Mudra says:

    Bombay? 🙂


  2. Bombay, of course:) And I worked with a guy who would say “two of you all”. (teeth-gnash).


  3. Chakkani Chukka says:

    It is Mumbai.

    Though Dilli, which confined itself to translations like as in “max to max 10 minutes more yaar”, “min to min 3 km yaar” (kam se kam, zyaada se zyaada) also has this in pockets.

    But I would place bets on Hyd.


  4. blinkandmiss says:

    bombay bombay ofcourse. and it’s pronounced as “yawll”..

    and all over india, people under 25 don’t say “yaar” these days, they say “ya”.

    for instance, “no ya, lets go to pizza hut ya.” aaaaaaarrrrghhhh


  5. sajith says:



  6. Small is beautiful. This belief of mine continues to be reinforced. Just like this post.




  7. km says:

    So Bombay = Texas?


  8. Rada says:

    Of course it’s Mumbai!

    Similar irritation for me in Delhi is when someone tries to combine English and Hindi and says something like, ” He has told me ki…”

    We all have our pet peeves, I guess! 🙂


  9. buddy says:

    Mumbai! for sure


  10. Shefaly says:

    Do you really want to get me started?

    You, tho baba, get so touchy about English. Chillax! Anyways, I think I should have just left a comment here, na?


  11. Gigi says:

    Are they twinning cities in India with ones in Texas now? 😉


  12. Broom says:

    Y’all leave us Bombayites alone, ya.


  13. Prasoon says:

    Its has started in Hyderabad? :O


  14. ??! says:



  15. maxdavinci says:

    either amchi mumbai or dilwalon ki dilli!

    Hyd toh is no chance! Kya to bhi tum log…


  16. SS says:

    Definitely south USA…..Hey Y’all….haven’t you people heard of Southern Hospitality??? DUH!


  17. Dinesh says:

    I have heard this in Pune once!


  18. IdeaSmith says:

    Arre, it is Bambaiyya talk, yaar. Kya bolti? By the way (or ‘by the by’ as Chennai would have it), “y’all” has maka-pav roots..that’s our Goan neighbors.


  19. When did mumbaikars start talking like southeners in US…????


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