Possibly my most favourite song ever. Am sort of listening to it on endless repeat. Fearless by Pink Floyd. Meddle is the one album that I fell in love with instantly. It’s an album that doesn’t really feature in conversations about Floyd. In fact, since everyone claims to love the band, one of the easiest ways to figure out if they know their Waters from their Gilmour is to ask them about Meddle.

I am rambling. I just want to listen to this song. It’s perfect for my current mood. It’s an aspirational mood really. Fearlessness.

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10 Responses to Fearless

  1. skimpy says:

    are you also a liverpool fan?


  2. Jabberwock says:

    My favourite Floyd album too! Initially I use to simply play “Echoes” and “One of These Days” in an endless loop, but I soon grew to love the lower-profile songs on the album as well.


  3. Nilu says:

    What is Pink Floyd? Who is everyone? Why does one figure another’s knowledge of water?


  4. Ankur says:

    Neha, did you attend the Live Aid (i think that’s the name) concert when Waters and Gilmour agreed to come together to play for one last time?


  5. km says:

    It’s an album that doesn’t really feature in conversations about Floyd

    Meddle doesn’t really feature in conversations about Floyd when people are sober.


  6. Arunk says:

    Meddle does figure quite prominently in serious Floyd fans’ conversations. Serious fans as in those whose Floyd hits goway beyond Another Brick in the Wall, Comfortably Numb and Money :).

    It t is really the first of the “golden era”. The Floyd themselves have admitted that this where they realized that had found “their sound”, and I think almost all serious Floyd fans would agree with this topmostly referring to Echoes. This info (about the band’s view of Meddle) is on the dvd – Making of The Dark Side of the Moon. Gilmour also says he was quite tired of the “psychedelic noodling” they did in albums earlier to this 🙂 ! Although there are a lot of Syd Barret fans who like only the earlier psychedelic sound easyy more than even the (much more enormously successful) later sound of Meddle, Dark Side and Wish You Were Here.

    I also like A Pillow of Winds and San Tropez (of course Echoes is my favorite).

    Echoes did appear on that Pink Floyd Live at Pompei and is a big cult hit – albeit simply unplayable on the Radio due to its length.



  7. Arunk says:

    yikes – sorry too many mistakes as I was rearranging thoughts and didnt clean it up



  8. David Sasaki says:

    Yup, Meddle is far and away my favorite. In fact, the only Pink Floyd album I really listen to anymore.


  9. philramble says:

    Ah! Excellent! One of my favourite Pink Floyd songs here. Fearless, Burning Bridges, When You’re In, and others. Stay was the perfect love song. “tFearlessly the idiot faced the crowd…. smiling” and the build up to this:

    You say the hill’s to steep to climb, climbing
    you say you’ld like to see me try, climbing
    you pick the place and I’ll choose the time
    and I’ll climb the hill in my own way
    just wait a while for the right day
    and as I rise above the tree-line and the clouds
    I look down, hearing the sounds of the things you’ve said today

    … are particularly awesome.


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