A cryptic message

In the end – what really counts? Intentions or actions? Or this, hidden messages in songs posted on a blog? S&G to soothe the soul right now.

When you’re down and out,
When you’re on the street,
When evening falls so hard
I will comfort you.
I’ll take your part.

Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.

In the end, we turn to the incredible cheesiness of ancient songs. Because silence isn’t always possible. Even if desirable. And how sometimes you use the most public of ways to express something intensely personal. // End of cryptic post.

At some point, while watching the video, I was struck by how big Art Garfunkel’s mouth is. And how you can see the inside of his mouth when he takes those absurdly high notes. It’s like a baby shark. Just teething or something.

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14 Responses to A cryptic message

  1. Shefaly says:

    Never mind the song, the hair is UNFORGIVABLE!


  2. Shefaly says:

    And here is my contribution to the cheesy-songs-we-turn-to:



  3. km says:

    In the end – what really counts?

    I believe the Beatles solved that tricky equation at the end of Abbey Road?

    Also…when did this song turn cheesy? Still a classic and decidedly uncheesy 🙂


  4. Kitchu says:


  5. Somehow this track reminded me of One Moment in Time by Whitney Houston…

    Check out the video
    and the lyrics




  6. Lakshmi says:

    And pain is alllllll aa raaaaounnd

    : )


  7. rads says:

    amen@cryptic posts. What would we do without them…


  8. miapan says:

    Hearing Johnny Cash sing this, brings something to my eyes. Uhmm, think its called a tear.


  9. S&G were my first idols, but that took a beating after watching Art fellate the mike at Central Park.

    And you ain’t heard nutt’n till you heard the JAP cover of “Bridge”.



  10. Shefaly says:

    “In the end – what really counts? Intentions or actions?”

    I was told this when I was a teenager. “Mistrust the actions of a person all you want; but when you mistrust his intentions, you leave him – and yourself – no scope for redemption, no escape route. That is a disgraceful thing to do to a human being.”

    I still try to follow it. Everyone has his/ her redeeming qualities. By mistrusting their intentions, I really am not giving them a chance. And surely I would not like to be the subject of such mistrust so why do it to others? :-/


  11. Shefaly says:

    Arre behen, kuchh aur likho… Kaafi din ho gaye..


  12. ashok says:

    Timely song for me… 😦


  13. ilegirl says:

    Cryptic – it works. We need our secret gardens in the grand estate of this wired world.


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