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Ask Barkha Dutt to shut up someone. Seriously. I’d rather have a newbie reporter doing things badly, than have BD attempting to create panic, because it suits her style of reporting. It’s like she wants you to not get out, … Continue reading

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I am livid with rage. Mumbai is attacked for the umpteenth time. Sitting here, i feel helpless. And a part of me is violently shaking with anger and shock. Open gun fire? Grenades? In a hospital? Cinema? Hotels? Train station? … Continue reading

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Venus Fly Trap – Update

The venus fly trap on my desk appears to be doing well. After a picky week of refusing various foods, it has taken to fish. Some of its mouths are still bulging with the food inside. Additionally, there are now … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment: Surf Excel

It happens every once in a while. She starts watching a film from forty to thirty years ago. She admires the grace with which the heroine wears her cotton saree. The simplicity of the heroine’s dreams. A house, a baby … Continue reading

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Gay Desi

Drumroll. Introducing Where Gaysi = Gay Desi. Broom is the editor for the blog, and it’s already fantastic!

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Poem: On Reds

The red in my glass, it comes from cranberry. Yours, is from grapes. And yet, given the laughter on this table, it isn’t all that obvious, is it? Our earrings jingle, and you admire my cheap, brass bangle. The dirt … Continue reading

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Andhra Pradesh Intermediate English Text required!

I never thought I’d say this .. But can someone get hold of a copy of the Andhra Pradesh Intermediate First Year English textbook for me? Please? I’ve been told a few times that a certain poem of mine has … Continue reading

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