Fat Cat and Box

Almost end of Friday. And I spot this, and can’t stop laughing. Omg! I so want a cat.

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8 Responses to Fat Cat and Box

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  2. dipali says:

    This is too cute!


  3. naren says:

    Is that George Bush’s cat? Loved it!


  4. Kavi says:

    Super cool !! Brought out the smiles..!


  5. cyclopseven says:

    nothing much to say but, only smile:)


  6. mg says:

    Loved this, A and I both laughed and laughed. He reminds of the cat who had adopted us when we used to rent a flat.


  7. Lekhni says:

    This video was on yahoo’s front page last weekend. I was laughing over it! Did make me think for a moment that I wanted a cat. But after I’d seen the video 3 times, the moment passed 🙂


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