Venus Fly Trap, Thevar Magan and etc.

It’s just one of those days. No matter how much fun your work is, on some days you feel overwhelmed. And being new is always a bit scary, no? You really don’t know the way things work. You don’t know if you are doing things the right way. Plus, there is a multitude of forms need to be mastered. Fortunately, I work with a very fine bunch of people. This is probably the friendliest workplace I’ve been in. GVO was very friendly, but in a sense, the workspace is a little lonely, when all you can do is communicate online.

A short five minute break to breathe. To make a small phone call. Among other things, I bought a small venus fly trap for my desk. It’s rather pretty. But I can’t find insects to feed the damn thing. I tried feeding the plant some muffin and banana. Well, me and three of my colleagues. The plant spat it out the next morning. A colleagues has promised to swat some fruit flies at home. Another colleague who doesn’t like fish too much, gave me a bit of fish yesterday. (Which I deftly tried to chop with a fork. I am vegetarian and squeamish about meat, okay!). So far the plant hasn’t spat it out. It’s sort of entertaining.

So, to celebrate that. I watch one of my favourite sentisucker clips. Kamal and Sivaji in Thevar Magan. Brilliant. I think I may have posted this before at some point in time. But who remembers anyway.

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4 Responses to Venus Fly Trap, Thevar Magan and etc.

  1. ??! says:

    What is this, vicarious non-vegetarianism?


  2. buddy says:

    muffin and banana? iyer venus flytrap aa?


  3. WA says:

    Hey they sounds really cool. I want one tooo


  4. Nilu says:

    vetha vethachha odane pazham sapda mudiyumo?


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