Sunrise in Birmingham

It sort of snowed today morning. I believe. I woke up too late to see it. Either that, or I didn’t open up the curtains early enough. However, I woke up in the most delightful of ways on Saturday morning. In Birmingham. Didn’t get too much of the city, except the quarter kilometer stretch between the station and the hotel. Given the depressingly short days in Winter, I am grateful for any sun.

However, this scene was extraordinary. Almost like a tropical sunrise. Golden. Streaming through my window. I hadn’t slept all that well. But drinking hastily made tea in the hotel room, my mouth tasting of hotel toothpaste, the day slowed down just a bit. The only time you can stare at the sun without feeling like your pupils must have shrunk to the size of pin points.

The good thing about this job is that it is taking me to places I haven’t bothered with so far. So what if this city didn’t let me see the short Liverpudlian skirts, I still got to see an exquisite sunrise in Birmingham.

If I did believe in God, (which I do, about every alternate day) I’d beg for such sunrises to grace my morning window more often.

Sunrise in Birmingham

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  1. Sanny says:

    Ah that’s a nice pic .. where in Brum did you stay for such a good view?


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