Andhra Pradesh Intermediate English Text required!

I never thought I’d say this .. But can someone get hold of a copy of the Andhra Pradesh Intermediate First Year English textbook for me? Please?

I’ve been told a few times that a certain poem of mine has been included in the poetry section. I thought it was someone pulling my leg, till someone else got back to me with the same bit of news. I suppose a part of me is delighted, but the other part finds it incredible that someone can just rip out a poem from somewhere, include it in a textbook and there’s no talk of permissions.

One very young reader of this blog has even mailed in the questions for the poem, some of whose lines need to be annotated.

PS – The poem in question.

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14 Responses to Andhra Pradesh Intermediate English Text required!

  1. shailaja gopinath says:

    yes, the poem is certainly in the text. my son wwas preparing for his half yearly exams when he came across a poem by neha vish.he asked me if it was “our neha didi”.as for annotations-ughh thats the best way to kill a poem


  2. Nilu says:

    mukka vaasi payaga, namma payagathaaan.


  3. WA says:

    WOW. Congratulations


  4. maxdavinci says:

    I studied the same text book! plz plz tell no, which poem you wrote.

    PS: I’m glad atleast they wrote your name and didn’t print it as anon. CBSE does that a lot!


  5. premalatha says:

    Congrats. It is good that they mentioned your name. Which poem?


  6. Lekhni says:

    Eeks! Annotation! I wonder what interpretations some English teacher is giving to that poem 😉 I’m sure they have a whole essay to write just on “Signed. Rented. Curtained” 🙂


  7. Twisted DNA says:

    Although I don’t like the part about taking it without your permission, I would still say it’s a great honor! Imagine selecting one of your works as an example to teach children how to write poetry! Congratulations! Very happy for you.


  8. How about the questions on the poem? Show!



  9. Nilu says:

    I am very upset that school texts in Andhra are allowed to have words like love.


  10. inbavalli says:

    Congrats! If I were you, I’ll eat bangar ladoo, hum Aa ante Amalapuram and be happy. What copyrightu? Who yever heard of that!


  11. inbavalli says:

    That’s bandar ladoo, not bangar ladoo.


  12. sg says:

    it is a good poem.wonder how they teach it though. an honour but it would be nice if they could inform that one is being honoured.


  13. mg says:

    Congrats, but what cheek!


  14. Danks.. Danks.
    But am still deeply miffed about not being asked for permission. And I have no idea who to get in touch with!!


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