I am livid with rage. Mumbai is attacked for the umpteenth time.

Sitting here, i feel helpless. And a part of me is violently shaking with anger and shock. Open gun fire? Grenades? In a hospital? Cinema? Hotels? Train station? What the fuck? Where is the bloody armed force? How can a city be held hostage – people inside their homes. Far away – I have no idea what to do. I mail my friends, call my parents. Do a post on Global Voices. I don’t know any other way to calm myself.

I am angry. I am not sad. I am just angry enough to rip someone. Fuck them. Just kill the bloody assholes. A part of me just wants to sit and weep.

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  1. Trevor Penn says:

    Sitting here, right in the middle of things, i’m still helpless even though i have enough pent up anger to break a skull if not two.


  2. vinu says:

    agree totally with the anger. Even I share the same – life and safety means totally meaningless. Living on the 13th floor and having just got back from the causeway bombing area with snaps – there is anger more than sadness!


  3. megha says:

    When I heard about this on CNN this morning, I wanted to break something, anything. I am angry, angry at my helplessness and angry at the Indian govt’s incompetence, and now I’m just about ready to break down.


  4. Neha K says:

    I totally agree with you Neha. I cant begin to describe the helplessness I feel. My heart goes out especially to the sick patients held hostage in the Cama Hospital. Its INSANE! I couldn’t stop crying!


  5. buddy says:

    i totally agree with you. Im going through something similar. I cant rest till i talk to all i know.


  6. ilegirl says:

    It must be so frustrating. I know it is devastating to the many Indian nationals living in the SF Bay Area; a few were interviewed for the news shows this evening, and are wringing their hands with worry and outrage. I am so sorry that the world is still filled with this type of violence and that it is those who are innocent who suffer, and so rarely those perpetrating this misery.


  7. Joseph says:

    My blood boils too. But as I get angry, I ask myself, what do I do with that anger? As the days go by, it vanishes and then next time something like this happens, it surges again.

    Do I go and vote in election? Do I drive properly on roads? Do I pay taxes? Do I try to be a better citizen?

    What are you doing with that anger?


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  9. sajith says:

    Rage is the word. Cowardly bastards!

    I wonder why anyone would randomly shoot at innocent bystanders with such apparent pre-planning. I’m worried that there’s more than that meets the eye in this, and yet this will add to the list of incidents of which we will continue to know very little about, even several years from now. We all deserve an explanation.


  10. Chauhan KC says:

    Wish i was part of the innocent people taken hostage by these cowardly guys so that could fuck their asshole.It is so depressing to to watch our police force carrying obsolete weapons to fight these buggers carrying deadly hand granades and AK47.It is high time Indian government realises the gravity of the situation and fights back decisively.Lets not let the anger subside,let us all express our anger and make it a movement till our politicians wakes up.


  11. naren says:

    Just heard that they were 10 guys who came from Karachi in a speed boat. Behind this is the Lashkar-e-Taiba. Deccan Mujahideen is a fake id. The Lashkar, by the way, finds its inspiration in the sermons of Maulana Masood Azhar, traded for the hostages at Kandahar. Let’s hope the powers that be use a little more discretion this time.


  12. Shantanu says:

    Probably the kind of rage demonstrated here has driven those very people to do such acts. As reasonable people if you can’t dig deep, think what would have driven those people to commit such things and bring in resolutions at the root cause we are not going anywhere. Since post-independence, the capitalstic society has reached its peak with rich-poor divide at its max and government policies (market prices, jobs, development, taxes, security) being driven by the wealthy few, keeping their mutual interests to pocket as much money as possible. We are standing at a time, the atrocities faced by the poor/harassed segment is backfiring as now they have grown to demonstrate the same rage they were holding when their lives were taken for granted!!!


  13. Neha says:

    anger. i felt this red hot surge of it. and horror. but when i spoke to my mum, she said, “don’t come back.” not we are fine or don’t worry or i can’t believe this … that was the first time through this whole episode that i felt sorrow.


  14. B Shantanu says:

    Neha, Others…

    This is what we (you, me and the government) could/should consider doing:


  15. Krishnan says:

    Neha, I share your sentiments. it is pretty sad that Mumbai has to bear the brunt of terrorist attacks too often. One cannot but marvel at the resilience of Mumbaikars. It is quite distressing that time after time terrorists are able to strike at will in India. Hoping against hope that sanity prevails


  16. B Shantanu says:

    @ Sajith: Re. why would anyone randomly shoot at innocent bystanders, the reason is to create a feeling of vulnerability, helplessness and terror..

    @ Krishnan: Please let us not marvel at the “resilience” of Mumbaikars (or that of India). Right now, What we need is resolve, not resilience.

    Have a look at this post when you have a moment:


  17. RK says:

    I was beside myself with rage when I first heard about this. We have no one but our politicians to blame for being so soft on Terrorism. These f*#!ing polticians are always worried about loosing Muslim votes and never want to take any firm action. They f*#!ing dont care if hundreds of innocent lives were lost to this bloody terrorist menace. I wish there were some politicians amoung the dead.


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  19. A_Nony_Mouse says:

    Where is the bloody armed force? How can a city be held hostage – people inside their homes.

    You think we’re living inside of a 1984 scenario that teams are sitting and tracking the movements of every individual amongst millions?

    You’ve been watching too many Hollywood films and reading too much tripe.


  20. Shocking ! Terrible !


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