Venus Fly Trap – Update

The venus fly trap on my desk appears to be doing well. After a picky week of refusing various foods, it has taken to fish. Some of its mouths are still bulging with the food inside. Additionally, there are now some new mouths on the plant to feed. I am happy for the way it’s growing, but I think we need some venus fly trap contraception here. I count 8 new mouths already!!

Venus Fly Trap - 2

(At this rate I am going to have to grab my colleague’s non-vegetarian lunch and feed it forcefully to the plant!). It’s a rather pretty plant actually. Has a mind of its own. It recognizes the difference between food and teasing. For instance, if you were to put a paper clip in its mouth, it resolutely refuses to close it. It requires a slightly swamp like condition. I have a feeling it is going to demand some pocket money very soon!

On that note, because I didn’t want it to feel lonely, I got it some company. Not as demanding. It’s a succulent plant – little watering, no feeding, and is happy with a little sunlight. (Which, is a big challenge in this weather.) But compared to the venus fly trap, it’s a darling. Excuse me, I think I will have to go and sing the plant a lullaby before I leave for the day. Phew!

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3 Responses to Venus Fly Trap – Update

  1. Grasshopper says:

    That’s a beautiful close up, but can we please have a full shot? I have never seen a venus fly trap before.


  2. WA says:

    I want one. Please do tell where one gets one of these from


  3. rr says:

    Look! You’re from Bangladesh! (scroll down to International Perspective). Bet you didn’t know that.


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