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Sunrise in Birmingham

It sort of snowed today morning. I believe. I woke up too late to see it. Either that, or I didn’t open up the curtains early enough. However, I woke up in the most delightful of ways on Saturday morning. … Continue reading

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Ministry of Silly Walks

You know that middle of the week lethargy and angst. It’s gone! Because Monty Python have their very own channel on YouTube! (Yes! Yes!!) On that wonderful and celebratory note, please take a look at this. One of my favourite … Continue reading

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Venus Fly Trap, Thevar Magan and etc.

It’s just one of those days. No matter how much fun your work is, on some days you feel overwhelmed. And being new is always a bit scary, no? You really don’t know the way things work. You don’t know … Continue reading

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A Typology of Gay and Lesbian in Bollywood

Bollywood hasn’t heard of bisexuality. And between gay men and lesbians, the former is given far more attention within cinema. Lesbians tend to fall into two main categories according to Hindi cinema. The last one is sort of hinted at. … Continue reading

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Film: Dostana

Ever since I’ve discovered my constant “outsider” status, I’ve attempted to be funny about it. Mostly because I get so tired of political correctness. So as am in the UK, I make politically incorrect statements about being brown or being … Continue reading

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Fat Cat and Box

Almost end of Friday. And I spot this, and can’t stop laughing. Omg! I so want a cat.

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Aa Ante Amalapuram!

When I started working in Hyderabad in 2004, I pretty much ended up working in half of Andhra Pradesh. Went to all sorts of districts, in odd hours, through vague roots. If luck favoured me, I would have a car … Continue reading

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