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Fat Cat and Box

Almost end of Friday. And I spot this, and can’t stop laughing. Omg! I so want a cat.

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Aa Ante Amalapuram!

When I started working in Hyderabad in 2004, I pretty much ended up working in half of Andhra Pradesh. Went to all sorts of districts, in odd hours, through vague roots. If luck favoured me, I would have a car … Continue reading

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Food and a Business Plan

I keep telling anyone who listens that at heart all I really want to do is open a Dosai/Pongal/Vadai stand somewhere near St Paul’s or Liverpool Street Station. Dosai is so flexible that you can offer filling options and what … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment: Clearing the IBCT

Ananthalakshmi was born in an auspicious hour. Under the right star. When she was in school, she learnt the pop-palmistry of teenage years. If you fold your palm, the small squiggles between the base of your smallest finger and your … Continue reading

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Film: Fashion. Ugh.

There’s a reason why I watch Madhur Bhandarkar films. Some of them annoy me so much my pulse rate goes up. I feel like I am getting a free cardio workout. Or some parts just have me laughing like mad. … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment: Thandavan Mama and Change

Thandavan mama was in a grumpy mood. You see, his siblings were dying. Five were gone, and only four were left. Sure, he felt sad. Even fearful of his own certain, and perhaps nearing end. But what really annoyed him … Continue reading

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