Voter’s Dilemma

Wikipedia describes Dilemma as: A dilemma is a problem offering at least two solutions or possibilities, of which none are practically acceptable; one in this position has been traditionally described as being impaled on the horns of a dilemma, neither horn being comfortable.

You would think the lack of political choice would have been a thing a multli-party system doesn’t have to contend with. But here’s a tough one. The elections will be held sometime next year. Who will you vote for? Considering that in most constituencies they pit equal goons or crooks against each other, choosing one person over the other, is rather hard. Therefore, you choose a party. Let’s say you prefer a regional party – they exist and operate within the context of national parties, especially when it comes to general elections. So here’s the choice – Communist Parties, Congress or the BJP.

My economic sensibilities are closer to the BJP. They have been more pro-trade. More pro-infrastructure investment. It’s not for nothing that someone referred to the BJP as a party of Banias. The BJP is heavily influenced by the trading community. However, I loathe their Hindutva agenda. I hate the fact that they think they represent my religious concerns. They scare the hell out of me with their anti-outsider rhetoric. I can’t digest the fact that no action was taken against Modi. Ever.

The Congress party baffles me. I don’t understand what their economic policy is. Their emphasis on the rhetoric of welfare is pretty senseless. Mostly because it is rhetoric. Even their principal constituencies like Amethi and Rae Bareli haven’t had much to show for their allegiance to the Congress. The party reeks of family-led politics. Plus, they’ve screwed the country over and over again. And if Rahul baba is the PM candidate, I will just bang my head against a wall.

The Communist Parties. Yuck. Even if I was to magically believe in Communist philosophy, I still wouldn’t be able to vote for them. Mostly because they practice convenient communism. And that is extremely dangerous. Even more dangerous than just communism.

The future of the country is probably in the hands of regional parties. And for regions that haven’t been able to cultivate strong local political action and parties, the choice is so narrow that it almost appears futile.

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12 Responses to Voter’s Dilemma

  1. km says:

    Indians seem to have found a common purpose and BJP will likely be the beneficiary of that focus. The general feeling seems to be that BJP will keep the country safe. Which is most ironical, of course.


  2. Nilu says:

    Puratchi Thalaivi Amma for PM.


  3. I, personally, do not vote and never have. The reason being the same age-old one of my individual vote being useless save for the nigh on impossible occurrence of the result (in my constituency) being decided by one vote. Even in that case, my vote would in all likelihood not decide anything at the Central Government level.

    Other than in actually deciding the outcome of the election, there is, I suppose, one other way in which your vote could count. This would be the feeling of self-satisfaction or happiness that one might get when voting for a candidate or party that they truly support. For various reasons—mostly the same as you have mentioned in your post—I cannot bring myself to feeling any sort of solidarity for any of the parties on the ticket. Voting for the “lesser of the two evils” is quite useless—that vote is wasted.

    Also, even though the voting ticket has a “None of the Above” option printed on it, this is, for all practical purposes, useless. There are no provisions for what is to be done in the event that “None of the Above” wins. The seat, I suppose, would just go to the candidate that placed “second”.

    My motto is this – “If you really support a candidate/party, you do far more good for your cause by campaigning for/endorsing them than you do by actually voting for them. If you don’t really like anyone, stay at home.”


  4. Sri says:

    Is there a difference between the BJP and congress ? I think India lost a great chance in the 1970’s when the janata party under desai and JP could have formed a viable alternative to the congress which would have led to a genuine two party system.We would have been spared the mandal and masjid


  5. Nilu says:

    dei Arnold u, yaravathu kettangala? Poi push ups pannu po.


  6. LR says:

    The BJP *was* the great middle class hope. Till they got 2 seats out of 543 in a sympathy wave ruled election, and for better or for worse, decided on Hindutva as the new mantra for differentiating themselves. (Akshardham, IC 814, Parliament House attack. Their contributions).

    They are all birds of the same feather, but I still prefer idiots to cynical rogues.

    And Modi is a national shame.


  7. Karthik says:

    Is it possible for you to provide an email feed option? Thanks.


  8. wordjunkie says:

    I agree, we have little choice. The current option floating across the Net is the 49-O,that allows us to declare that we consider all candidtes ineligible, and will force repolling. But consider the time and money lost, the sheer inaction that will follow..perhaps it is better to vote for the one party and then get after them to make a difference. The days of passive citzenship have ended for us.
    The saffron brigade makes me sicktoo, but they do finally come across as the most effective.


  9. Rada says:


    Harini has an interesting post on the same subject. If you haven’t read it already, here’s the link:-


  10. buddy says:

    BJP has a lot to benefit from current events, the congress seems doomed, but then this is like cricket…nothing can be said till the last vote is counted


  11. I have the same dilemma. I voted for BJP when Atal Behari Vajpayee was chosen as the PM – the first time around. And felt good. But soon, I was ashamed of my choice. Sigh.


  12. Amy says:

    I feel frustrated….depressed. Each time i switch on the tv or open the newspaper, the images and the stories shock me…..The insensitivity and inaction of the politicians, the fanaticism of the Pak media, the empty promises that it will not happen again….when will it all end?


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