On Fighting

Fights are complicated creatures. At what point is a fight too serious. More importantly, at what point is a fight actually an expression of an emotional disconnect rather than the need for attention. When someone raises their voice, are they trying to drown your voice, or instead pointing to the fact that you barely listento them.

And sometimes a fight is the only respite from a spell of indifference. It is the only way to experience intensity on some occassions.

Yes, we fight for diferent reasons. Fights are temporary but it’s worth wondering if the reasons for fighting are not as temporary.

PS – Post was inspired by the fact that I heard a couple fight on the bus for a full and filthy loud twenty minutes.

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12 Responses to On Fighting

  1. Madras Chick says:

    “…but it’s worth wondering if the reasons for fighting are not as temporary”.

    Absolutely true!

    PS on your PS: Point taken 😉


  2. Karthik says:

    There is an instinct to fight I believe. Inferring from the beasts. Culture only suppresses it.


  3. Banno says:

    Oh, so true. I feel completely hollow when I am fighting, rage empties me out rather than fill me up.


  4. Krishnan says:

    Quite true. You have been awarded. Come pick it up.


  5. Anirudh says:

    The limitations of the ability of those who are involved in the fight (be it verbal, or or a tug) to communicate their anguish and irritation in any other way results in what we observe day-to-day as fights. It is the weakness of a less cultured race…

    Your observations are very true. Thought provoking.


  6. km says:

    Another question to ponder over during your next bus ride: how much of our “fighting skills” do we acquire by imitating our parents?


  7. inbavalli says:

    Do London makkal also fight in the bus? That’s news to me 😉 I am pro-fights. Good for your relationship, good for your health. No bottled up emotions.


  8. Ankur says:

    I had a massive fight with wife a couple of days back, only a few days before our first anniversery, when she had planned a trip with me to sikkim. She’s gone to her parents, and i am down and almost out. I saw the beast in us that day. Very ugly.


  9. Shefaly says:

    Why does disagreement upset people so much? I think fighting is healthy for those who like that sort of stuff and can move on quickly. Some do not need to fight to sort issues.

    Of course, there is an etiquette to fighting too. If one focuses on the issue and not the person, it is unlikely that the fight will damage the relationship. But that is too rational for some. Which is when fights are actually about damaged relationships crying out in pain rather than about issues.

    If it isn’t fight, it may be flight. Which is preferable?

    Generally people sweat the petty stuff too much I think. Chillax as kids nowadays say. Life is too short.

    Disjointed thoughts all. See you tomorrow for shop-kaapi. 🙂 No fighting.


  10. Grasshopper says:

    I still don’t understand should I suppress it or let it out? Inside or out, anger is distasteful.

    Anyway, I have an award for you, dear blogging guru. Finally I have acknowledged my first inspiration.

    Although you never bothered to teach me poetry….


  11. Kirit Kiran says:

    I will tell you why fight is good, of course when facing a good opponent. It is cathartic. But this kind of fight can not be undertaken by anyone.
    One kind of fight I prefer and love to indulge in – streetfighting.

    Oh and the fighting couple… I consider couple who fight alive and immensely amusing and boring as per the context.


  12. Kirit Kiran says:

    And, I must add here, you will never know about yourself if you have never been in a fight!


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