Love for Paneer

For some reason, Tamil folks don’t really like Paneer that much. Me, I love my paneer. In my quest for decent paneer in the UK, I’ve tried a million different things. But everytime it’s the same story. What passes for paneer here is basically a yellow brick of milk solids. It’s not soft, it’s not crumbly. It hardly has any decent flavour.

What’s more, even the best desi restaurants here use that awful paneer. I cannot describe how bad it is. Apparently if the brick is chopped up and immersed in hot water for five minutes, it turns a little soft. But it just turns spongy, and goes right back to being some inedible thing.

Today, at work I discussed the merits of making paneer at home. Another desi girl and I sat and spent ten minutes on how hot the milk should be, what sort of agent you should use, and how long you should drain the solids and press it under something. Yes. That’s how paneer should be. Firm, yet soft. Not yellow, but a pale white. Something that soaks in the masala and yet retains a distinctly dairyish but not milky flavour.

I yearn for some good paneer now, but there isn’t enough milk in the fridge. And it’s too cold outside to go out and get some. I come back from work, and all I really want is to make paneer. My domestication is complete.

PS – Just in case I wasn’t gloating enough… I make really nice paneer. Am just lazy that’s all.

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8 Responses to Love for Paneer

  1. Just Mohit says:

    Ok. First of all, just boil the milk. Add some lime juice while it’s on the boil, then allow it to cool down. Strain using muslin cloth. Tie the bundle tightly. Leave for 2 hours.
    Or else, shop at Sainsbury’s. They have good paneer (or at least they used to till about 18 months ago) :p


  2. ??! says:

    It’s the milk in this country. How is anybody supposed to get any decent paneer when they have “not more than 4% fat” milk? And that too from cows. Now, if they would stock some nice creamy buffalo milk…


  3. Banno says:

    Post the recipe please. My paneer just crumbles.


  4. Nilu says:

    I read the title as Love for Panesar; Tamils dislike left arm spinners as well.


  5. Viji says:

    Recipe please!


  6. Kirit Kiran says:

    I have found decent paneer here at kingsbury and rayners lane.


  7. rishab says:

    i prefer to seed my paneer with yoghurt. milder flavour and the whey is pure dairy, delicious for cooking dal in.

    re 4% fat – milk _is_ only about that much, or 5-6% at most, if it’s from a cow. anything more in a pure milk product means it’s been thickened with fat extracted from other milk. (the fat from skimmed milk is what makes cream – and greek-style 10% fat yoghurt).

    i’m obviously not a vegan.


  8. rishab says:

    and why is google ads showing me ads for breast milk pumps?


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