Poem: Her assorted heartaches

She treats her ex-lovers with
such gentleness. Their traits
are remembered, their stories
told with just that right mix
of laughter and deep sighs.

And so, with her current lover,
she is hardly ethical or fair.
Trade coffee, for a breakup
story. She tells me all about
the one who she loves now.

With half a heart, and all of
her wallet. For about six hours
of each day, she fills up with
love. And then, it fades.

(Like the smell of mouthwash
after 9 AM)

Her assorted heartaches. Each
one with a different name.
She munches on each one of
them. This one is a nut she
says, and this one all butter.

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9 Responses to Poem: Her assorted heartaches

  1. Banno says:

    Sweet, bitter, warm. Why 6 hours though?


  2. Aparna says:

    brought bck some fuzzy, dark fun stories.


  3. Ankit Jain says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog. The fictitious girl in your poem sounds either extremely messed up in life or extremely smart to pick things easily and turn desires into reality at each step. is it?
    Keep writing…


  4. Shefaly says:

    A related, good read from Usha Vaidyanathan:



  5. Ankur says:

    I know two women who are remarkably like the one you have outlined here – extremely articulate, fashionably casual, with a seeming lack of self-consciouness. They seem to have an asnswer to everything and someone at their beck and call all the time. Alternating between being deceptively coy and stunningly malicious, according to the demands of the situation.


  6. Ravikiran says:

    Just wanted to be the first to note and appreciate the “Fair Trade Coffee” strategically placed in the poem.


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