Wish you were here

How can one not be moved by this song? Particularly when one is around seventeen?

Or when one’s twenty seven. Now, ten years between 17 and 27 – that’s a thought, and a mightly ramble of a post in the making.

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  1. Ankur says:

    Neha, didn’t know you liked Pink Floyd! I used to perform this a lot wth my band back in the day…And if you like this song and others such as Coming Back to Life (my fav Floyd song) and Comfortably Numb, I’m sure you would like (or already do) David Gilmour’s solo efforts, especially his album ‘On an Island.’ Here’s the web address to the title track, On an Island. http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=qbWMpJ3SM0Q


  2. Wisdom Tree says:

    Hi Guys!
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    • This is just ridiculously funny. Someone is writing a book about corporate blogging, and on his behalf somebody else spams blogs??

      Why do I get the feeling this book won’t do well?


  3. skimpy says:

    like the song. but not the P.U.L.S.E version. prefer the original.

    and this song reminds me of one particular friend. i don’t usually sing songs, but on one particular occasion, this friend and I sang it out aloud as we meandered through the heavy koramangala traffic. and got into a few small fights over the lyrics.


    • I think the PULSE version has its own charm. I just immediately think of college (under-grad) whenever I hear Pink Floyd. Before I relied on the internets for everything, it was quite a task to work out lyrics to songs. It required constant rewinding and focus.


  4. Shefaly says:


    Related but not in the same context:


    Some things get better with age. 🙂


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