Saturday night ramble

What a fantastic song. How flawless. How beautifully moody. And stubborn. I don’t listen to ELP often enough. To be frank, I think I have been tuning out of “angrezi-firang” music. But it takes a certain moodiness to shove me back into certain kinds of music.

I have two weeks of Christmas leave yawning ahead of me. Some work shall be attended to over the break, and I don’t expect it to be completely work free – but am happy to have this break. It’s calming. Even if holidays actually tend to make me anxious.

Anyhow I’ve got hold of some books and DVDs to keep me sane and lazy through this break. Christmas is rather bleak this time around. Walking alone Oxford Street today, the number of sales was enough to make me a little nervous. But I guess whatever gets the stock churning and off the shelves is good enough in the short term. Not as many shopping bags, not as many lights, and somehow a rather subdued crowd. But there was enough cheer perhaps. Maybe I was just tired of walking beyond a point. And of constantly negotiating for space on the pavements!

Let’s just hope I am a drama queen, and things are in fact not as bad as I make them out to be. 🙂

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  1. WA says:

    I was thinking the same thing today, not a single soul in my local M&S apart from staff. It was bizzare I walked out as soon as I could


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