Poem: On a Train

We were on a train, and you
were at your most demure.
Like girls on trains must be.

Perhaps it was near Patna or
Bhagalpur. Families, counting
their twenty suitcases were
crowding around the door.

We spoke of everything. My
sleep gone. In my stomach
the acid seemed to rise.

At the station, the train was
invaded, by coolies, and single
fat men doing big business.

One of them walking by, tried
sitting next to you. (He was
RAC). You said you wouldn’t
let him. The man left. You
rolled your eyes. Laughed

And said “Motherfucker“.

Laughed again. So it was,
near Patna (or Bhagalpur),
I fell in love with a foul-
mouthed (very demure) you.

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14 Responses to Poem: On a Train

  1. Nilu says:

    Enakku intha payyana thuli kooda pudikkala.


  2. Anirudh says:

    this “You” guy sure seems shady. Poem shadier still! creepy!!!


  3. Anand says:

    Nilu: Payyana?


  4. km says:

    Ah, the RAC. Bhagalpur’s Second-Finest.


  5. Banno says:

    Fabulous. You’ve managed to bring an entire train journey and falling in love into such few words. For me what did it, was

    “My sleep gone. In my stomach
    the acid seemed to rise.”

    Don’t know why, but it just evoked the physical sensation of travelling in an Indian train, the rusty taste on your tongue for some reason.


  6. Bhaskar R says:

    The Phrase (or poetry?) is good in depicting your travel experience, but i feel you could have avoided use of abuse language (you could have uses “********” which would have carried the message with the same weightage



    • Well.. why use ******** when there is a real word. I don’t understand the need to disguise a word in that manner – you still know what word it is don’t you?

      And no it’s not depicting anyone’s travel experience. And there is no message.

      *head to desk*


  7. dipali says:

    Wonderful, Neha. So very evocative of it all:)


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