On Men and Hair

So I am standing in the queue, waiting to pay for some clothes that we’re buying. A couple ahead of me is studying with immense concentration a poster with an almost naked man in Calvin Klein undies. Woman tells man that she thinks the hairless and gym-going-type man in the poster is a hottie.

The man with the woman who is perhaps a hopeful lover, husband or boyfriend is miffed. He tells her – “You think he’s hot but he isn’t. Imagine if you were to touch his chest – what would you feel?”

She says She imagined it would be smooth. He tells her that she wouldn’t like smooth because he wouldn’t feel like a caveman. She looks exasperated. He tells her, “You don’t know how lucky you are to have a hairy guy like me.”

She rolls her eyes when she catches me smiling and grins once he walks ahead to pay at the counter.

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7 Responses to On Men and Hair

  1. Ekawaaz says:

    Lol…you make me laugh…well these thing are very common especially at oxford street…


  2. Kavi says:

    Had a roll ! Caveman..!!

    Hmm ! Why…why…why…am i thinking of the The tourist brochure that makes going to hell look attractive..!!

    There cant be any connection..here…? Cant there be.? No !


  3. LoL She’s apparently hinting to get rid of it and he doesn’t want to 🙂


  4. Yuva says:

    she is thinking tooo much and
    he is thinking too little.


  5. Shefaly says:

    People who base their expectations of perfection on Hollywood films or stylised imagery such as the CK ad are bound to find it all ending in tears.


    I am guessing that if the man had ogled at an Aishwarya Rai poster and said she was a hottie and he imagines her skin to be like silk, the woman would not have liked it much. For he can get rid of bodily hair but an ugly/ average woman can hardly get pretty in a jiffy.

    Reminds me of that alleged exchange between Churchill and Lady Astor (“Winston, you are drunk”. “Lady Astor, you are ugly but I will be sober tomorrow”.).


  6. Shefaly just commented on my blog that women date feminised men, but don’t marry them- which is brilliant news I think- because really the point is, would the Abercrombie guy be able to change a lightbulb?

    glad I came here- lovely blog!


  7. Paras says:

    So, women don’t like hairy chests?


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