A random thought – about her

I think of you randomly. Whenever I write a poem, for instance.

I think of you how you would gently mail me, twisting my monkey ears over faulty grammar. Or a misplaced period. How you would then praise a certain turn of phrase. Listening to Rafi last night, I thought of our casual banter.

I am no good at cryptic crosswords. Or I would dedicate each small victory (of one word, or two) to you. It’s barely been four months since you’ve left, and already, it feels like a year. Or more.

I think of you when I remember what power cuts were like. Because in the first two months that we used to chat so regularly, the power cuts in Calcutta would eat up some of our conversation. But you would deftly pick up the threads. You told me that the building’s jenny had died.

I think of you when sometimes I note that the water for my tea boils exactly how you told me it should. “Until the water begins to laugh”.

I think of you randomly. Like when I see an object of utter and unadulterated beauty. Because till a few months back, I could write to you and tell you how lovely something was. And you would never contest it. No matter how trivial it was. Or how special.

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9 Responses to A random thought – about her

  1. rads says:




  2. dipali says:

    Oh Neha- I’ve been missing her and thinking of you missing her.
    You take care, girl.


  3. WA says:

    Couldn’t help but think about Lali all through the Christmas holidays. Scrabbles will always remind me of Lali šŸ˜¦


  4. Jeeves says:

    Wonderful tribute to a wonderful person. Missing Lalita a lot.


  5. rahul says:

    Here’s Wishing you a very happy and prosperous ’09!!!!!


  6. ilegirl says:

    Lovely. I did not know her, and yet I am compelled to feel the sadness and love by reading your words.


  7. Subashini says:

    I am reading your blogs for the first time, thanks to my sis, her blog brought me to yours, you have commented in her blog as well! http://purni.wordpress.com/2008/02/21/my-lost-and-found-passion-for-books/#comments

    I am sure you don’t need my saying that you write beautifully, and this blogs strikes a cord and stirs deep emotions. Very subtly written and you have drawn out words, the way we feel about our most loved friend/ sister/ person. I don’t know who Lali is, but you have articulated ever so nicely – I miss my sis and my times with her. Guess I have written a letter instead of merely commenting šŸ™‚ – guilty – new to blogging šŸ™‚


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