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Fiction Fragment: Phonecalls and Weekends

She is fantastic at coming up with excuses. It’s how she survived. So over the years she let all her friends know that she hated being disturbed over the weekend. That she switched off her phone because it helped her … Continue reading

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Dating A Banker? Anonymous?

This is just fantastic. or Dating A Banker Anonymous Girls. More at the NY Times. Given the recession, gloomy financial forecasts, tight purse strings, disappearing purses, pink slips, dirty linen and all of that – this is pop-ethnography at … Continue reading

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Dear so-and-so

Dear Heavily Pregnant Woman On Bus, That you choose to travel on a crowded bus some five hours before your water is going to break is your issue to deal with. You can use it to blackmail your partner/ lover/ … Continue reading

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Poem: Like the Ganga

I look at you, you strange man, Smiling, laughing, enveloping all. Like the Ganga in Haridwar. You meander through the city, Slothful, large, mourning in time, for those who die and burn In Benaras, by the river ghat. Muddy, filthy, … Continue reading

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How appropriate it is that a pioneering aviator should write these fantastic words “Him that I love, I wish to be free — even from me.” Incredible thought. But this comes from someone who wrote this as well – “Don’t … Continue reading

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Poem: A quick love – 2

I must have kissed you. You must have breathed. Swift and sharp. Either the breath. (Or something else) Your spectacles or mine were bound to break. So we took them off. The tragedy Kissing you with them on, made them … Continue reading

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WTF: Names, permissions and husbands

Reading news can probably replace a weight management program. This for instance is enough to make me want to vomit. Girls who become part of a new family after marriage must assume their new surname and all the responsibilities that … Continue reading

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Poem: A quick love

They step out of the elevator. Twelve floors worth of groping, pulling, twisting, kissing. Hair in place. Buttons intact. Nothing dishevelled. Not a single crease on her linen shirt. Her bag still on her shoulder. His hand in his pocket. … Continue reading

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Music and beauty on the Underground

Everything is sudden. Like how in unexpected corners one finds music. A few nights back, a gig in the tube. I am told by a rather weird but obviously wise man sitting next to me that such things always happen … Continue reading

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On Slumdog Millionaire, and white men

In what should be nominated as one of the most comic articles in the Guardian, the rather childish and overenthusiastic Nirpal Dhaliwal writes with extreme confidence …Indians will be upset about a westerner having a better understanding of their country … Continue reading

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In Aberdeen…

Or Edinburgh… Don’t ask for English Breakfast Tea. You will be politely reminded that only Scottish Breakfast Tea is being served. You will then cringe, and want to hide under the table. (Am back in London and regular programming will … Continue reading

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Poem: A baby picture of You

Today, someone (who also knows you), showed me a picture of you as a baby. Clutching a biscuit. Wearing what appears to be a frock full of frills. I can’t tell if it was pink. The photo is black and … Continue reading

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