WTF: Names, permissions and husbands

Reading news can probably replace a weight management program. This for instance is enough to make me want to vomit.

Girls who become part of a new family after marriage must assume their new surname and all the responsibilities that come with it….

That’s a message not just to my sisters, but to all girls who hang on to their parents’ surname. That’s become fashionable these days. But I strongly feel that doing so disrespects the person they have married.

And then this (via Ra)

He has to take the decision. I take permission from him even if I have to go for coffee or dinner with friends. My priority is my family. He will decide if it is right or not right for me.

Never mind how regressive this is. People are entitled to the lifestyle they choose. And if a control-freak type environment is what they like, good for them. But I can’t understand how this system works. Do you call your husband constantly and ask “Can I drink coffee with so-and-so?”. “Is it okay to share a plate of vada-pav with so-and-so”.

Most importantly, I wonder what happens when she has to go potty.

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11 Responses to WTF: Names, permissions and husbands

  1. ra says:

    She asks him of course! “Sanju baba, may I use the throne?”


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  3. Amey says:

    Err… I can see her cunning strategy there. If she asks her husband permission about every single thing every single minute, one of these days he is going to go, “do whatever you want, just don’t call me”. 😉


  4. maxdavinci says:

    I wonder what happens when she has to go potty.

    ah, so simple..

    She just has to ask her pottydev!


  5. Chevalier says:

    More importantly, what is she doing going around having coffee/dinner with friends? Why isn’t she cooking for him and staying home to feed him his dinner, then eat after him? And why did she say ‘coffee OR dinner with friends’ – what if she has dinner AND coffee, does she ask him twice then?

    These modern women, I say.


  6. Mudra says:

    It’s all a sham. Obviously she doesn’t do that.

    Though Sanju baba with his surname-obsession is quite for real. He’s really dumber than I thought…!


  7. Ideasmith says:

    Isn’t that a goat led to slaughter…a bali ka bakra? Oh oops, that’s Sanju baba with his new owner…errr, wife. Yes, of course you’re the man of the house, the He-Man, the master of the universe. Ahem.


  8. Chitralekha says:

    Ridiculous Mr. Dutt and his wifey! Though its none of my business, its terrible atrocity on us when it makes newspaper headlines.


  9. Hari says:

    Yes, it does sound quite funny and regressive too probably..maybe you can’t expect much better from Sanjay Dutt, he’s not exactly a PhD right..but enough to ‘make one vomit’??!! That seems a bit extreme..


  10. Ankur says:

    WHat does she do when he denies permission for potty? THAT, I think, is the conundrum that is baffling me no end.


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