How appropriate it is that a pioneering aviator should write these fantastic words

“Him that I love, I wish to be free — even from me.”

Incredible thought. But this comes from someone who wrote this as well –

“Don’t wish me happiness — I don’t expect to be happy; it’s gotten beyond that, somehow. Wish me courage and strength and a sense of humor — I will need them all.”

What makes some of us so more much articulate and perceptive than others?

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11 Responses to Lindbergh

  1. ilegirl says:

    Lindbergh – well-educated, seasoned by personal tragedy, wise but occasionally foolish. Who indeed knows what compels some to live at the soul level while others trip through their lives, seemingly oblivious to their surrondings?


  2. Kama says:

    Now come on Neha, you know that I ask myself the same question whenever I read your blog: What makes YOU so much more articulate and perceptive than the rest of the world?!

    Well, I am grateful you are though!


  3. suparna says:

    tu chale saath to aahat bhi na aaye apni
    darmiyaan hum bhi na ho yun tujhe tanha chaahen..

    (from the ghazal – Lab-e-khamosh se izhaar tamanna chaahe)


  4. What makes some of us so more much articulate and perceptive than others?
    We all are same(human) but each one is different.


  5. Amit says:

    Beautiful lines… touche!

    do ghadi unse juda ho sakein to ho jayein
    ya khuda aisi mohabbat mile ki dard na ho…
    (inspired from the first quote…)


  6. Ideasmith says:

    Courage. Talent. And some madness, I guess.


  7. Swapnil says:

    The line in the gray box -amazing. And (sigh) so true…


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