Any weddings I can attend?

Utterly in love with this song from Delhi 6.

I am assuming the reference to “genda phool” implies that her “sasural” is a mixed bag? A pretty flower with an ambiguous fragrance. What a lovely thought! It makes me want to attend a wedding. I haven’t attended a wedding in ages. Doesn’t help that my social circle in the UK is so limited, and that all my friends are getting married in India.

Something so fantastic about certain kinds of weddings. Sure, they leave a bitter aftertaste. The gossip, the gender divides, the girl’s side weighed down in some cases and all of that. But the North Indian style of weddings with all that music and camaraderie. Sigh. (And the food. Uff! )

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  1. Adithya says:

    Brilliant song, no? I just love the way it builds up to that vyapari line. Dilli 6 is vintage Rahman. Like Roja or Alaipayuthey or Thiruda Thiruda. Unbeatable.


  2. I’m dying to attend someone’s wedding too – the last I ‘attended’ was my own and that was a nightmare I’d rather forget. Everyone enjoys North Indian weddings except the two poor sods who’re getting married. Also, living in UK hasn’t given me a chance to wear any of the nice Indian stuff I got to buy as part of the wedding. Someone get married, I say!
    Lovely song, by the way – like most others from this movie.


    • What a coincidence. The last wedding I attended was mine. And that was four years back. While I didn’t enjoy wearing all that fancy dress at my own wedding, I really want to dress up and go to someone else’s wedding.

      I think it’s time i played matchmaker to my various single friends. Something’s gotta work out and result in a wedding. Hopefully.


  3. Shefaly says:


    The genda phool has nothing to do with mixed sasural experiences. It is a flower that is available in such plenty that it enables using flowers in every ceremony in N Indian marriages.

    PS: Already forgotten Monsoon Wedding and Dubey-ji and Aye-liss? πŸ™‚


    • Arre baba. Listen to the lyrics. It’s about the mixed experiences of her sasural. Of course I know genda phool – but why would you call your sasural a genda phool!? She talks of a negative, positive, negative, positive attribute of of the various family members… and then says sasural is genda phool.



      • Shefaly says:

        Arre baby, listened to the lyrics. πŸ™‚

        The lyrics are not positive-negative-positive but a series of odd-looking behaviours which are all about establishing closeness, an all-round intimacy in the new family* – a bit like the universally applicable/ useful genda phool.

        *Yes including saas gaari dewe.. πŸ™‚ Saiyan chheding and nanad chutki-le-ing and dewarji samjha-oing all part of the same script. These are pre-described roles which each is playing to perfection. Nothing special, like a genda phool.

        Anyway what do I know? I am just a UP-ite. Yeh to Dilli-walon ka gaana hai.

        Lets wait to hear what Banno thinks.


  4. Yuva says:

    nice song.. ofcourse its ARR


  5. Grasshopper says:

    I feel like marrying Abhishek Bachchan!!!


  6. km says:

    Gende ka phool = The flower(ing) of a rhinoceros. Now you know what it has to do with sasural.


  7. Aparna says:

    i can’t wait to watch this film.


  8. 1st time I watched the song here only. Thanks to you !
    I remember during marriage ceremony the girl parents/relatives welcome boys’ parents/relatives while showering genda phool at the entrance as the barat approaches the girl’s home.
    May be this song means no matter what the sasural/relations is but a person i.e., dulha (groom) is always welcome with a smile.
    May be.


  9. Chitralekha says:

    ‘Genda phool’ in Assamese is the ‘marigold flower’. And we know marigolds are used in weddings. This is a bit strange. I thought ‘genda phool’ was purely Assamese. πŸ™‚ This should be a good movie. πŸ™‚


  10. blackmamba says:

    Genda Phool does not have any fragrance , but looks good… maybe something along those lines and the comparison to the Sasural perhaps?


  11. The muser says:

    hmmmph….its the opposite for people in staying in India! Too many weddings happening and you are obligated to attend most of them…It gets worse in the summers! There’s no has to be all dressed up even in the sweltering heat πŸ˜€ Guess the grass is always greener on the other side πŸ˜‰


  12. Canary says:

    Was just reading blogs after returning from my hiatus, and have I just spent 2 hours here already? 😐


  13. Sanjeev says:

    If there is another movie with 4-5 amazing songs, I do not know about it.

    Rahman in Delhi-6 is even more amazing than in SM, if that’s even possible!

    This song absolutely rocks in the way it blends in modern upbeat music with a traditional folksy sounding song. And I have not even started paying attention to the lyrics yet, like I did with Kaala Bandar (and its philo “look into yourself to recognize the devil” theme!)

    I dont think I have ever been besotted with songs of any one movie like this in my life. In fact, everything these reviewers write is true…no hyperbole! πŸ™‚ *

    * Smilie…because I the one who is always skeptical about reviews in Indian media as I believe producers might be paying money for most of the positive reviews we read in newspapers and online portals.


  14. Amit says:

    Genda phool – is considered to be a flower made of flowers. Each petal is considered to be a flower in itself. Yet it is the ensemble of the numerous flowers that makes Genda phool so attractive (and traditionally so pure as to get used in all pooja).

    The song has its origin in Braj tradition.. and a bit of Mithila.. where the married sisters of a family tell an about to be married the ups and downs of would-be-relationships… πŸ™‚

    Beyond that.. beautiful song.. amazing choice of voice for the song.. and great mixing to give the song such an upbeat tempo


  15. Hyd6 says:

    Genda phool …..

    Looks so great from a distance…..

    but when u go near smells just opposite…

    so would be sasural, the in-laws! They seem pretty nice in the beginning, but when u go to their home, you would find that they are not what you think.

    I think this would fit exactly…. πŸ™‚


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