Bhoole Bisre Geet

Almost time to leave the workplace. Thankfully, am really liking the work, or the slightly longish hours would have me going nuts. But at that moment that I leave the workplace, and wait at the bus stop, I sometimes switch the sucky senti Bollywood music. It helps me pretend that I am somewhere in India. For just a brief while.

From the time I turned about 16, my walkman was a constant fixture. It’s not like I heard it constantly. But that you can carry music in your backpack. In an instant, drown out the world, is comforting. In school, I remember SD and me sharing the headphones. To save battery, I’d listen to the FM station, instead of playing a tape. To a great extent, I completely skipped the CD revolution. I went straight from casettes to mp3s. By the time I could afford CDs, all music had become collapsible into the beloved iPod.

Thankfully the days are getting just mildly longer. Instead of the sun setting at an obscene 4 pm, there is some semblance of daylight till about 5 pm.

I started ODing on 70s type stuff a little earlier than usual today. And this song is haunting me.

I think I might leave on time today. Just to see what it feels like. 🙂

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6 Responses to Bhoole Bisre Geet

  1. Mudra says:

    I love this one too. 🙂 And “Tere bina zindagi se koi…”


  2. Sanjeev says:

    I have wanted to see this movie for a long time. Too bad I didn’t pick it up when in India last month.

    For now, the three songs from the movie will have to do!


  3. solilo says:

    I love this song too and the movie too.

    Bloghopped from somwhere and like the rest of your posts too.

    ‘Sasural genda phool’ isn’t that an amazing composition?


  4. Thanks to out flight to India getting canceled today the part that goes “ek raah to wo hogi tum tak jo pahunchti hai” seems to hold a particular resonance.

    Thanks for reminding us of this…..yesterday we were subjecting the lyrics of “Chalo ek baar phir se” to the minutest examination and the results were that it was quite simply one of the most exquisitely composed verses to be set to film music.

    While you are at this may you persuade your dear friend Megha to start resuming her analysis of bollywood music, heck just resume blogging would be great!!!


  5. km says:

    Probably Gulzar’s FINEST work. His lyrics for this film are all totally situational and yet they can be enjoyed independent of the visuals and the story.


  6. Kunal says:

    Damn… So did i… i got a walkman when i was in the 9th grade… was my best friend 🙂 rechargeable batteries were a blessing …

    Though i still don’t own a mp3 player i hv tons of mp3 on my laptop/pc…


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