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Minor Annoyances – On Bargains and Cheap Thrills

I possibly am guilty of what I am going to moan about. You know how when you compliment someone on their shoes/ shirt/ earrings/ table lamp, and the other person jumps and tells you, “Oooh – I got it for … Continue reading

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A song from Dev D

I think Dev D is possibly one of the most engaging films I’ve seen this year. For one thing, it shows you that the whole idea of Devdas is just a skeleton. You can fatten it up any way you … Continue reading

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Poem: Like on a swing

This is how we must love, like a child on a swing. Tethered to nothing, but the constant rhythm of movement. To and fro. We meet like this, every once in a while. A sandpit to save us. Even if … Continue reading

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To strangers

I survive the day thanks to the random acts of kindness of absolute strangers. Like when I run into the station, and I know that if I miss that train, I am going to miss a meeting. And a young … Continue reading

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Trains and the landscape

What an insignificant photograph. The emptiness of the landscape swishing by as you stand near the door of the coach of the train. This is what I remember. The annoying families constantly littering peanut shells on the floor. A young … Continue reading

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Hotel Kerala-Fonia

I can’t tell you how happy I am. I just found Hotel Kerala-Fonia thanks to Praveen. As some of you know I can get quite enamoured by the fabulous Mallu accent singing parodies of all kinds. Am so thrilled. So … Continue reading

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A Raatafarian

So two young girls on the train back to London chat with everyone. And somewhere this gentleman comes along and sits. The girl insists that his hair isn’t really like that and commands him to take his hat off. He … Continue reading

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I was dreaming of Gujias last night. And how on every Holi – neighbours would bring their homemade Gujias, dash colour on us and how I would sit and sample one of each and compare their quality. I want Gujias. … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment: Their First

He sits in what used to be their living room, and thinks. When she isn’t around, his memory jump-starts, and he remembers so much more. Their first dinner together. Their first shared stomach bug after a dubious golgappa. Their first … Continue reading

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Overdosing on Gujari Todi

It’s a sunny, beautiful morning. No reason not to overdose on Gujari Todi. For some reason, not used enough. But a recent film track in Delhi 6 – Bhor Bhayi – which is beautifully augmented with vocals by Shreya Ghoshal … Continue reading

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A sour afternoon

Sometimes you almost forget that people can be racist. So like an idiot I smile at everyone deeply unaware of just how much hate can simmer inside someone. Mind you, I can deal with doubts about my intelligence just fine. … Continue reading

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Poem: Shower

It occurs to her then, that when as a child, she would refuse to wash. After playing in the mud. Tiny eyes pleading with the parent. Let me smell mud on me for a while longer. And now, as her … Continue reading

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