Overdosing on Gujari Todi

It’s a sunny, beautiful morning. No reason not to overdose on Gujari Todi. For some reason, not used enough. But a recent film track in Delhi 6 – Bhor Bhayi – which is beautifully augmented with vocals by Shreya Ghoshal reminded me of the original. A fantastic piece by Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan.

I was listening to this yesterday, and another song (also in Gujari Todi) invaded my head. And I couldn’t place it. And then it hit me. This is what I wanted. Lata in her almost pristine years singing Sanvaro Nand Nandan. It’s when she sings Sanvaro in that haunting bit that is incredible.

Ideally Gujari Todi is for the morning hours. Soft, and gentle. Yet with strong notes. An incredible clarity. But you don’t hear it too often in live concerts. Which is a pity because it allows for immense “build-up”. Perfect. Perfect.

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3 Responses to Overdosing on Gujari Todi

  1. ra says:

    mmmm. Used to make my mum play Bhor Bhai many times when I was a child.


  2. naren says:

    Bade Ghulam was the finest! What range and what control! The man was also amazngly humble. You must listen to this interview, where he talks about how music evolved.

    [audio src="http://pmoutal.free.fr/badeghulamalikhan.interview.mp3" /]


  3. Thank you for the beautiful thumri by Bade Ghulam-have already replayed it a few times…Its strange how an omission of a pa makes such a big difference of making todi into gurjari todi – much more haunting.


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