Fiction Fragment: Their First

He sits in what used to be their living room, and thinks. When she isn’t around, his memory jump-starts, and he remembers so much more. Their first dinner together. Their first shared stomach bug after a dubious golgappa. Their first kiss, their first book, their first semi-fuck, their first full-fuck, their first sunrise. They were each other’s almost-first love.

Their first dinner party, where he’d stared at her as she negotiated the room with her easy conversations. Their first piece of furniture they bought together. An ugly table that became the centrepiece. Their first film, where his hand had gone a deep shade of blue because she held it so tight. Their first home together, becoming a united force against that real estate agent who was the spawn of the devil himself.

But the reasons why she and he were no longer in the same living room were like a big homogeneous mess. What was their first lie? That night when someone had called her and he suspected it was someone else? Or was it when she said she was happy with him? What about their first fight? What constitutes as a fight anyway? Is it when voices are raised, or the hint of a disagreement? When was the first time that he slammed a door on her face? Or the first time that she hung up on the phone?

He doesn’t know when it was that his heart first broke. But then it breaks over and over again. That’s the trouble with hearts. They don’t break in one go.

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16 Responses to Fiction Fragment: Their First

  1. anand says:

    May be its because the hearts are not brittle…and are a lot more ductile than anything else???.. I mean don’t hearts the part that bends most(even literally….???) hmm.. interesting ramifications….. i need a long time to digest this one….


  2. Vineet says:

    One avoids letting his/her heart break at the first instance.. the newer instances combined with the memories of the old instances finally lets go.. resulting in the ultimate heart-break.. Led Zep song.. “When the levee breaks” soothes you later.. đŸ™‚


  3. Aparna says:

    and u broke my heart with this one. should i call it beautiful? how can heartbreaks be beautiful? what do u call such pieces of writing?


  4. Aparna says:
    I wish I’d written this



  5. rads says:

    But then it breaks over and over again. That’s the trouble with hearts. They don’t break in one go.

    Yeah, my sentiments exactly. I also wonder why the heart isn’t shaped like a ball. It bounces and resists breakage I’d imagine?
    Had a post on it and no one else thought so *sniff.


  6. Vidya says:

    Brilliantly done, Neha. The whole story was leading up to the last two sentences.


  7. buddy says:

    spawn of the devil indeed! thats a nice sentiment u got in there!


  8. Kavi says:

    Thats neat ! Particularly like the last line. Yes. It doesnt break in one go !


  9. sundar says:


    Written with class and style….

    Nice to read…



  10. Nikki says:

    hey Neha..Nice blog…an this one is an awesome piece…really beautiful…its so true that the heart doesn’t break in one go and breaks over and over again…and moreover remembering those firsts…makes you wish at times that we should probably never have firsts and move to seconds directly ..hehe..keep writing đŸ™‚


  11. Kama says:

    I think the two sections of ‘first time’ is brilliant. It’s an amazing balance and build-up and I think I felt my heart cracking while reading the second ‘first time’ section. Besides, I really like the way you build up things and then give it away by the end of it. you often do that even in your poems, and I like that… Building it up and giving the blow at the last line.
    On another note, I have a theory that hearts are made of crystal, at least, mine is, and I try my best not to let it break, and it doesn’t but it’s full of cracks by now!


  12. bhumika says:

    very unsual for a guy to think of the ‘first times’. Nonetheless, this is a brilliant piece…


  13. shree says:

    chanced upon this piece of fiction from you. waiting for a book now.


  14. shree says:

    let me know if it’s on the way.


  15. ilegirl says:

    Nice. Lots of universals in the fragment.


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