A Raatafarian

So two young girls on the train back to London chat with everyone. And somewhere this gentleman comes along and sits.

The girl insists that his hair isn’t really like that and commands him to take his hat off. He refuses.

They place a bet for ten pounds and he tells her to give me the money as I appear to be a neutral but interested party. The girl asks if he is Trinidadian. He tells her he is Jamaican. By now I am dying to know if it really his hair or one of those hats.

He suddenly says be is Rastafarian. The girls tell him be can be anything but that isn’t his hair. One girl says “What’s a Raatafarian?”.

Their station suddenly appears and they jump out of the train and call out to him “Take care mate!”. She smiles at me and just like that I am left wondering if his hair is fake or real.

One more London based mystery with no answer.

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6 Responses to A Raatafarian

  1. buddy says:

    aah..the thrills of living in a city!
    and the joys that weirdos confer upon us.


  2. rads says:

    I think that’s his hair alright. 😐

    Dammit, I miss the city. Stupid suburbian american life


  3. Karthik says:

    So did she give you the ten pounds and leave?


  4. Well, if he is Jamaican, then its almost a given that it was real hair.


  5. Kama says:

    And what happened about the money?!


  6. Kavita says:

    Hi, am a lurker. I stop by your blog sometimes and like reading your pieces. Couldnt resist a comment here. Those look like dreadlocks which are a sign of rastafarians(sect in jamaica). I once knew someone in London who told me the story of Jah and the religious notion of letting hair grow without letting, scissors, etc touch it..something like the sikhs?


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