To strangers

I survive the day thanks to the random acts of kindness of absolute strangers.

Like when I run into the station, and I know that if I miss that train, I am going to miss a meeting. And a young man, his head throbbing with the music from his iPod, waves his hand and let me run ahead of him, giving me a broad smile.

Instead of running to get that train, I want to turn back and give this stranger a hug for that smile and the gesture.

Or like when the woman in the supermarket who has just managed to get the last five potatoes into her cart, looks at me with concern when I cuss at the empty potato basket. She then asks me if two potatoes would be enough. I nod. (Well, they are large potatoes.) She gives me two and tells me that she can come back and get more for tomorrow.

A hug for her too then.

Here’s to the nice strangers. Sometimes they mind their own business, and in that moment, nothing could be kinder. Sometimes they halt for a few seconds, and let you rush through. Sometimes they smile sweetly at your clumsiness.

And sometimes they’re complete idiots. But we won’t get into that now.

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15 Responses to To strangers

  1. Small Talk says:

    Sometimes they smile at you and make you feel welcome in a crowd; sometimes they stop their car and let you cross a crowded Bombay street. Here’s to the nice kind strangers! 🙂


  2. Shobha says:

    YOu might be interested in having a look at this–



    • Wow. Thanks. But you know.. that’s the point. Kindness is not an establishment. I think it’s a sort of spontaneous reaction. …


      • Shobha says:

        Hmmm….Well, I have a friend who does random, unplanned acts of kindness because he truly believes in it. He doesn’t expect anything from them and simply asks the person to pass it on. Intentional kind acts are nice especially since the person who is the recipient of the acts is completely surprised and overwhelmed 🙂


      • Shobha says:

        When I say intentional, I refer to my friend’s acts again since the only thing that is planned is to evoke a smile in the faces of absolute strangers. The deeds are completely spontaneous 🙂


  3. Kavi says:

    The world gets by with such strangers. The strange strangers who pop with random acts of kindness and melt away into something that we will not know !

    But yes…the world gets by. Strange acts from strangers !


  4. rads says:

    Amen! 🙂


  5. Yuva says:

    random act of kindness.!! i would consider people who dont care to do those (with some valid exceptions) as morons.
    isn’t it common-sense/rational act.! their is rule-of-law and intent-of-law.. most people do follow intent-of-law.


  6. ra says:

    couldn’t agree with you more-here’s to kind strangers!


  7. dipali says:

    I guess its fine to love strangers for these brief encounters:)


  8. Nikita says:

    In Delhi such kind strangers are a rare species and on a couple of occassions when I encountered them, I felt so overwhelmed that I thought I would cry.
    I wish more and more people were like that


    • Ankur says:

      Totally agree…if only people in this city refrain from being the monsters that they usually are, it would be the biggest act of kindness.


  9. Vijesh says:

    Nice people! I wish there are more!


  10. Rahul says:

    Yes I agree with you Neha, the concept of nice strangers, they just pass by & make you happy for a moment.


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