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A stiff back

I must be getting older. An otherwise supple and flexible back finds itself stiff and renders me immobile. It all started Monday morning. I like sleeping with the windows open. What I didn’t account was for the beam of sunlight … Continue reading

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On the past

When people ask you to forget the past, what do they mean? What else is there to remember? People then advocate selective amnesia, but truth is we probably don’t have any control over the process of selection. Sure there is … Continue reading

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Sublime weekend and jazz

A rather sublime weekend. BBC has this excellent documentary series on Jazz that I’ve been catching up on and after weeks of overdosing on 70s Bollywood, I’ve gone back to some of the music that I used to listen to … Continue reading

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Writing, ennui and a general half hearted rant

It’s not ennui. Maybe the lack of time. But I know I’ve been neglecting this space. It’s not like I don’t want to write, but there are these dry spells, where nothing really inspires, and the wells of the heart … Continue reading

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Poem: Bus Ride

Please let it be, that it’s a joke, played perfectly on April first. Because standing at a bus stop, I see a couple, breaking up. Even in the dim moody light, of a streetlamp, and the headlights, of various cars … Continue reading

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