Sublime weekend and jazz

A rather sublime weekend. BBC has this excellent documentary series on Jazz that I’ve been catching up on and after weeks of overdosing on 70s Bollywood, I’ve gone back to some of the music that I used to listen to when I was still in college. Yes, I was a fool and did get into jazz because it’s what all the cool people did. But no one’s looking at my playlist now, and it’s all for me.

But jazz makes me turn to the blues and this all time wondersong by Muddy Waters makes it riff-ful apperance in my head.

What a brilliantly marvelous song. But since this note started on jazz, I leave you with Brubeck’s fantastic Take Five. This was possibly one of the first pieces of jazz that had me hooked. Particularly grateful to All India Radio because they played it one afternoon when I was 16. I really had no access or exposure to jazz other than that. A few stolen hours with AIR.

While you’re at it, please go and OD on Thelonius Monk. On some days, I realize I complain too much. There’s too much stuff in the world that I haven’t heard or read, and it all waits for me. Just around the bend. Under the beds. Or in crates. Waiting to be shipped.

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5 Responses to Sublime weekend and jazz

  1. Nothing like jazz. Absolutely nothing like it!


  2. Yuva says:

    yes.. and specially with summer season is coming.. so much music festival/concerts lined up. looking forward..


  3. Ankur says:

    If you like jazz, try the Alex Skolnick Trio. They take popular rock songs and convert them into jazz instrumentals. Nice.


  4. ilegirl says:

    I’m recently getting to know jazz myself, and had a thrill to see the nod to Dave Brubeck and in particular Take 5, which is great. It always makes me feel good.

    My husband is a blues guy. He loves Muddy, of course. Has a great collection of blues tunes by various artists. He’s been playing Derek Trucks, Ronnie Earl, and John Mayall this week.


  5. kirit kiran says:

    Have you heard the tito puente version of take five? that is rad.


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