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Snakes, milk, and other films

The things one wakes up to. For instance Indiequill’s amazing post on Nagin. Unfortunately the mind must make connections, and I suddenly remember watching this awful film called Dhoodh Ka Karz. (Debt of Milk?). Suffice to say a woman gives … Continue reading

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Ten years on

The most absurd evening was had. Out of the blue, a schoolmate from ten years ago – GT announces that he’s landing in London, and with the stars aligning just right SJ announces that she’s free for the evening as … Continue reading

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Poem: Love and Heat

Without a room. Or money. The two of them, attempt to find refuge, from the summer, and for their ever-lusting love. The city parks are infested. With lovers. Insects. And fat, moustached constables. In the heat, the waves of hot … Continue reading

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On Antakshari

Sometimes when I am doing random household chores and am not sure if I want to listen to music, but need music nevertheless, I end up playing antakshari with myself. This is how we entertained ourselves for years. As kids. … Continue reading

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A better back and conversations

My back is much better. I’ve never really had a “back problem”, so this sudden development requires some adjustment of things. Minor things. Like an extra pillow, and the constant presence of a hot water bottle. Some of you have … Continue reading

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