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A drought on this blog

Well, it’s hardly been raining words around here. Not that there isn’t much to say. (Maybe, actually). To be honest, blogging under your real name means that there is only so much you will ever write about. Only so much … Continue reading

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Poem: Baby Destroyer

We look up, and see Shiva. In this form, he looks different. He is cherubic. With fatty thighs. A belly, unrestrained. Full of milk. And what bulges like pure butter. (Perhaps they wanted Krishna?) What would a child destroy? Small … Continue reading

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On rain, getting drenched and childhood

Four years in England have meant that I no longer enjoy rain the way I used to. Rain landing on your head like sparrow piss, without rhythm or force. Rain raining without any self-respect, easily escaped with the aid of … Continue reading

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