A drought on this blog

Well, it’s hardly been raining words around here. Not that there isn’t much to say. (Maybe, actually).

To be honest, blogging under your real name means that there is only so much you will ever write about. Only so much you will admit to. The cryptic design of venting takes time and patience. I have some of the former, and perhaps none of the latter.

But I find myself typing a lot at work these days. My work usually doesn’t involve that much of time before a computer screen – but of late it does. And the last thing I want to do sometimes is spend even more time typing away. But I find myself reading a lot more these days. Books, blogs, more of everything.

On that note – thank god for things like Rajshri or Shemaroo – been able to revisit some old television programs like Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi

or old Tamil stuff like Rail Sneham. A bit cheesy in retrospect, but brings back a plate full of memories.

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8 Responses to A drought on this blog

  1. Yuva says:

    that’s ok atleast read is good..
    iam actually not even reading as much these days.


  2. Grasshopper says:

    Hey, I hope you picked up the grasshopper ? Cant wait to know what you thought of it.


  3. Lekhni says:

    Blogging anonymously helps a little, of course. But even though I blog anonymously, there are still many issues that I talk about in private that I can never bring myself to write about. I wonder why.


  4. KG says:

    uncanny, so bloody uncanny. I was watching this yesterday on bigflix and was thinking of blogging bout it…we had this whole discussion around Television programmes then vis a vis these days…we finally managed to catch an episode of MASH for old times sakes :)). Really, why don’t they make stuff like these now? Waise are u invited for Rakhi Ji’s swayamvar?


  5. Gradwolf says:

    Yes, I was wondering why are the posts and verses missing. And also have you stopped watching movies!?

    And if you’re still reading blogs, why don’t we see you around our secret blog? You are a member, you know that? :p


  6. Shefaly says:

    Brings back something you wrote once and I responded to which you recently cited back to me in another context. About privacy. 🙂


  7. km says:

    You start writing about cities and the words will flow again.


  8. Inba says:

    Blogging anon is hardly easy, Neha. You are for ever worried about getting outed.


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