Poem: Sitting in a Theatre

Sitting in a theatre, mostly empty.
Perhaps this is how I like films.

From the front row. The screen
eating me. No commentary.
But not silent.

Exactly how life should be perhaps.
Front row, clean, with space.
But not empty enough to be creepy.

And perhaps a warm (even if clammy)
hand. To hold. Tighter when it’s time.

And Exit signs clearly marked.
Even in the dark.

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13 Responses to Poem: Sitting in a Theatre

  1. Shefaly says:

    And unable to see the whole screen in one go,
    Looking to the left and then to the right of the screen
    Making sense of the story
    Much later
    By patching it all up in one’s head.
    (Because that is what happens in the front seat).


  2. Prasoon says:

    A nice one Neha 🙂

    and a very right comment from Shefaly too – hehe..
    But yes, empty theatres will be nice with a good company.


  3. KG says:

    brilliant one sweety 🙂


  4. Shivani says:

    // And Exit signs clearly marked.
    Even in the dark. //

    Loved it!


  5. Crazyfinger says:


    This poem plays hide and seek with itself. Sometimes saying how a poem is, such as the poem is like this or the poem is like that, exposes a bit too much of one’s self in the commentary to the discomfort of the others. When a poem does that, then it means it already touched us in an uncanny way. I read this poem as expressing the gratitude for a graceful separation. Like two people parting ways, but also like how the one who was the closest, upon dying unexpectedly without notice, comes back in a quiet moment and we get into a small talk, prolonging the moot with soft disagreements and then nodding in agreement that it could’ve been done better: he could’ve woken me up before he departed.

    Good stuff…:- )



  6. Gauri says:

    Brilliant one !!


  7. Inba says:

    Beautiful. Very beautiful.


  8. sumana says:

    good one neha- you are fast becoming the queen of the ‘breif and beautiful’- a trait i so admire…
    im just starting out my ‘living alone’ phase and dreading hving to go to the movies alone


  9. Karthikk says:

    good one 🙂 liked the end


  10. kanagu says:

    This one is really nice…

    especially the end 🙂


  11. Gyanban says:

    Lets give it a twist…

    And Exit signs clearly marked.
    Even in the dark.

    the walls watch over me,
    the dim lights soothe my mind
    the chairs secure me,
    there’s someone behind the blind,

    Startled I look,
    my heart beats fast,
    It s just an empty nook,
    the die is cast,

    slowly I turn back and fold,
    to a whisper so faint,
    my ears turn cold,
    a picture on the wall so quaint,

    the sound blurs in the background,
    the light flickers from the screen
    it is a peculiar scene,
    someone comes out of the sheen

    There’s a sudden gush
    but I am shackled,
    I can feel the blood rush
    my feet are saddled,
    I can see a sinister hand,
    closer to my eyes,
    my heart just lopped

    I gasped and opened my eyes,
    it was an interval,
    someone offered me to buy fries.


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