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The BNP and the Pizza Prophet

Warning – Random political rant Walking through Hyde Park during the pseudo-spring this country witnesses – I came across a strange prophet. It was a funny experience, as always the Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park has its share of loons … Continue reading

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Rahman and Couples Retreat

By the looks out of it, I probably won’t like this film. But this song has me really really happy. It makes me want to do something mischiveous. Something utterly sweet and underhand. More tracks here.

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On Forever-ness

In Turkey, I spent a half hour immersed in watching the dervishes whirl. Much like India, tourism in Turkey is saturated with folk and cultural motifs, and everyone wants to sell you an authentic experience. Sitting in that 11th century … Continue reading

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Copy, Paste and Plagiarism

More than a year back, I’d done a post on High Heel Confidential. Unlike a lot of blogs (including this one), they’ve managed to remain wonderfully enthusiastic and original. So there’s some odd-ball TV channel called Zing TV. And they’ve … Continue reading

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