On Forever-ness

In Turkey, I spent a half hour immersed in watching the dervishes whirl. Much like India, tourism in Turkey is saturated with folk and cultural motifs, and everyone wants to sell you an authentic experience.

Sitting in that 11th century sarai, I thought I could watch the dervishes whirl forever. And that happens quite often to me. I sometimes eat a certain food item, and exclaim that I could eat this for the rest of my life (fresh portions of course), or when I listen to a certain piece of music, and tell myself that I could listen to this forever.

But I can’t, and I possibly don’t want to. In certain moments though, the idea of forever is so inviting. So uncomplicated.

Dervish in Turkey

PS – I know the photo sucks, but the place didn’t allow photography. I took one on the sly. I can’t help it. All I can say is that the experience was utterly wonderful.

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11 Responses to On Forever-ness

  1. vidya says:

    Hmm so you didn’t respect derwishes not to be photographed..


  2. I once said I could listen to this particular Shankarabharanam by Mali in infinite loop for the rest of my life. And I really can. Someone pointed out, rather rudely, that the statement presumed that I would never die πŸ˜›


  3. dustyedges says:

    I thought I could watch dervishes forever too.. that was until I saw Jodhaa Akbar! πŸ™‚

    The other thought of forever is Sholay and Aa jab tak hai jaan jaane jahan, main naachungi. I can imagine Hema Malini dancing on broken glass forever and Dharamendra would have to still be tied up..


  4. KG says:

    its the most consoling experince. something reassures you, calms you and yet something about the entire experience is so poignant.

    ‘Forever’ is a myth.


  5. Shikha says:

    Hope u didn’t encounter the floods. Be safe and enjoy the beauty πŸ™‚


  6. Karan says:

    I wouldnt wish for anything forever, except my loved ones and Money!


  7. buddy says:

    very beautifully put.
    there are book i wish i could read forever and pieces of music i obsesses about till I scare myself. But the real world always beckons.


  8. The Wanderer says:

    I too, like many others, I’m sure, have felt that I could eat/listen to/keep looking at something forever.

    “But I can’t, and I possibly don’t want to. In certain moments though, the idea of forever is so inviting. So uncomplicated.” – this one really mirrors my feeling…exactly to the T.


  9. DR says:

    The next few lines will sum up what I think about ‘forever’

    ‘Cause nothin’ lasts forever
    And we both know hearts can change
    And it’s hard to hold a candle In the cold November rain

    And when your fears subside
    And shadows still remain
    I know that you can love me
    When there’s no one left to blame
    So never mind the darkness
    We still can find a way
    ‘Cause nothin’ lasts forever
    Even cold November rain

    HAIL……Guns N’ Roses….


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