The BNP and the Pizza Prophet

Warning – Random political rant

Walking through Hyde Park during the pseudo-spring this country witnesses – I came across a strange prophet. It was a funny experience, as always the Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park has its share of loons and political rhetoric.

This particular chap (calling himself the Pizza Prophet) insisted it was time for a new religion, and one of the fundamental beliefs had to be at least one “food item” being banned. It led to much hilarity as he decided that pork and beef couldn’t be that one food item, as they were already taken, and so people came up with fish and apples. Others suggested that food of a certain kind – like Pizza or Sausages be taboo.

Prophet in Hyde Park

Perhaps it’s the recession, or the financial crisis. Or it’s ennui affecting the entire country – but the BNP and its many cousins like the EDL are having a field day. A cab driver the other day said he was a member of the BNP, and he wanted people like me to go back where I come from. He muttered something about St George. I asked him if he knew that St George wasn’t English or even British. In fact he was born in Turkey and died in Palestine.

I gave the cabbie a tip anyway. He said “I don’t mind people like you here. It’s the others I want out”. I asked him if he meant he didn’t mind people who gave him tips. He had no response. Thanks to the traffic jam I grilled him for a full five minutes about why he was a BNP supporter. The scary bit was that he didn’t know. Had no idea. There was rhetoric and more rhetoric. He might as well have believed the Pizza Prophet. But he wouldn’t want to give up on his pizza or sausages I guess.

He then told me liked Indian curry. There’s a joke in there somewhere, I am yet to figure it out though.

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5 Responses to The BNP and the Pizza Prophet

  1. maxdavinci says:

    aha so poli samiyars made it to the queens lands as well!

    reminds me of a scene where vivek is wearin nothing but a pavadai and hurling cowdung on his bhaktas!


  2. naren says:

    Shivsena redux. Here in mumbai it is incumbent on every maharashtrian to hate the following
    1. outsiders
    3.mahatma gandhi
    4. nehru
    5. the english language.

    Not one mother’s son of them has a clue why this should be so.


  3. Dibyo says:

    The National Integration Council and the Government in Singapore is worried that Indians don’t ‘integrate’ into the country well enough and end up living with their own kind. They are also worried about the possible backlash against them.

    I want to tell them that the average Indian gets on as well with any Singaporean as they do with another Indian with a different mother tongue.


  4. ra says:

    Have had similar experiences in cabs. Almost everyone in the BNP is incoherent. Scary thing is people buy incoherent nonsense. Glad you grilled this chap.


  5. Vishal says:

    You should watch the film ‘This is England’ if you haven’t already.
    80’s are back!


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