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Apparently a lot of folks didn’t think much of Wake Up Sid. Endless wardrobes, perfect friends, jobs that are bagged without much of a struggle. A swanky office where everyone is nice. People being able to do up their houses with chic furniture and random other things without even getting a job.

While the premise of the film is it’s a coming-of-age film, you get the feeling that the boy in question woke up out of his nightmare and onto his “good life”, as opposed to waking up to reality.

Supriya Pathak is one of the immense delights of the film. Unlike the usual mother-of-rich-child, she isn’t portrayed as someone who is constantly shopping or too busy for her boy. She doesn’t go about declaring her child as the best thing since readymade dosa mix. Her expressions are priceless and there’s a few tender moments. And there’s this one bit that really got me a little emotional and made me miss my mom.

Anupam Kher as the boy’s dad is fantastic as well. There’s something authentic in the portrayal of their wealth and their manners. There’s this bit where he delivers some intense lines about struggling in life, and I don’t know if Anupam Kher had a bad throat – but the result is that you think he’s somewhere in between collapsing into tears and wanting to thrash his boy with anger.

Ranbir clearly can act, and has more than one or two stock expressions. It’s hard to relate to his inability to make the best of his circumstances, especially since there are no real restrictions on what he wants to do, as long as he does something. His relationship with Konkona unfolds beautifully in parts. There is some good screen time devoted to them – but it’s buried in clichés. You can predict what’s going to happen, what misunderstandings will emerge, what exactly will annoy them.

It annoys you when somehow the biggest challenge in this boy’s life is being able to fold clothes and make a fried egg. It isn’t even symbolic for something. Literally, his biggest challenge in the film is being able to make that fried egg.

One thing that annoys me constantly when I watch films about Bombay/ Mumbai (there I’ve got both versions), is their inability to deal with Bombay as a city rather than just the piece of land right next to Marine Drive. Ranbir waxes eloquent about the monsoon, but at no point do you see that he comes to terms with the devastation it can bring. There’s nothing about the everyday struggles. (And what travesty – nothing on the local trains!)

And yet despite all that, somehow I liked Wake Up Sid. The melodrama is muted. The storyline is underwhelming without being completely empty. There is some sweetness to the situations. But there isn’t enough on the plate to make it bitter-sweet. And bitter-sweet is what works in coming-of-age films.

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16 Responses to Film: Wake up Sid

  1. sumana says:

    bang on vish


  2. KG says:

    was waiting for your verdict janeman. Honest. Now can safely go watch.


  3. Poonam says:

    I agree with your every observation about the movie: every cliche that you point out is there. It has a predictable story, actually no story. Yet I loved the movie and cherish some scenes. 🙂

    I can’t add anything new to that I have already written here:


  4. naren says:

    I think I’ll go watch it then.


  5. Ankit says:

    I liked the movie as much as i liked the reivew.


  6. Ankit says:

    ” woke up out of his nightmare and onto his “good life”, as opposed to waking up to reality ”

    You mean ‘good life’ is opposite of reality? why is reality supposed to be “bad life” always? People do live good life, good life is also a reality.


  7. Grasshopper says:

    I went to see my own love – story ( hubby is younger than me, we met in mumbai). And poor Sid pales in comparison, and Konkana is too stuck in her head to be me. What rankled me was that hubby still hasn’t learn t to fry an egg, and neither does he remember to hang up his wet towel.


  8. Priyaank says:

    hmm its a nice movie !!


  9. akash says:

    I like this movie very much.all did a wounderful job.


  10. rohit says:



  11. ABCD says:

    Your review is as badly made as the film, full of your ignorance seepingn through. Why do we proote such false premises ?


  12. rebel says:

    I liked the movie too despite the cliches and predominantly because Ranbir Kapoor can act..

    In fact he can really pull of ‘But I made eggs for you ya!’
    Cant really think of anyone else who can pull it off..

    Yes it does not really qualify as a coming-of-age movie. It is more like a young boy falling in love movie..


  13. Anu says:

    Hey, great review. I like the pun in the best thing since dosa mix. Lol.

    Ouch, too many review links ere, I am not going to shamelessly add my own.

    I didn’t like Supriya Pathak. Quite contrary to what I actually wrote about her. But then, she kinda irks me. I dont know. Something.

    Frying the egg. Seriously. Life has more to it than that!

    The film has a feel-good factor to it, and thats about it. New faces teamed up with the same bollywood masala. But all of us know such movies are a hit.

    I like the humour in ur writing. First time ere.




  14. Anonymous says:

    You have quite some energy to see the complete film I couldn’t bear the first 15 min. It lacked creativity in bundles. Didn’t have enthu to go thru the rest of masala. I agree on the Mumbai aspect of yours. Your review on Gulal was dot on! I have to say that this movie unfortunately sucks and that too BIG TIME.


  15. Akshay says:

    There was nothing super amazing in the movie.


  16. manan says:

    great review, neha.

    for one, i thought it was a movie that really captured Ranbir’s immaturity and sense of carelessness really well. It felt a little like Aamir Khan in Dil Chahta Hai, but what the heck, we’d love to watch it if someone could pull off a great job acting it!



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