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Mary and Max. (prepare to weep)

I’ve been watching too many films. The unusual thing is that most of them have been good. I know it’s strange. But it’s a lucky streak. Mary and Max is one of the sweetest films I’ve seen in a long … Continue reading

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Indibloggies 2008 (Ahem!)

Gives me great delight to announce that this blog has been nominated for the Indibloggies in the Humanities Blogs category. I am not entirely sure what a Humanities Blog is – but I suspect it’s a category for the vagrants … Continue reading

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Having depressed the shit out of myself after reading up on girls wanting breast implants at the age of 9 and other things, I thought I’d cheer myself up a bit. So I write about Up. What a fantastic, fabulous … Continue reading

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Children, media and parents

Two seemingly unrelated posts. One on how the notions of ‘dark skin is indicative of inherent evil tendencies‘ seems to permeate an animated series for children, and the other on young kids dressed up by their parents – in clothes … Continue reading

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Pets, pigs and dreams

I turn 28 in a week’s time, and I never thought I would be dog-less at this age. But having grown up with dogs in the house, I know it’s a huge responsibility. It’s also a matter of space. And … Continue reading

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Coal, mines and beauty

A couple of weeks back I found myself in Germany. More specifically – in Cologne. Now Germany has never been on my must-go-to map, except perhaps Berlin. There’s very little I actually know about that country. Except perhaps random pieces … Continue reading

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