Pets, pigs and dreams

I turn 28 in a week’s time, and I never thought I would be dog-less at this age. But having grown up with dogs in the house, I know it’s a huge responsibility. It’s also a matter of space. And with all the travel that comes with my job, how can I have any animal around the house?

Up close with the dog

I could of course explore the option of micro-pigs. They look adorable and have always had a fondness for pigs. All I know is that I seek an animal I can interact with. Fish are not my cup of tea. (Hopefully there’s no fish in anyone’s cup of tea.) We’ve had fish, and while watching them is very therapeutic, I was incapable of bonding with them.

A cat, a dog, a micro-pig. And some others. In the years to come perhaps?

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10 Responses to Pets, pigs and dreams

  1. Grasshopper says:

    Ah, this is how it all begins. Six months down the line, we will see a post, ‘Who wants to travel? I want a baby!!!’


  2. Richa says:

    Get Pleo until you could afford to have dog…They are not too bad.


  3. Uttara says:

    oooh look at that snout! just want to grab it and kiss it


  4. Sen says:

    Why its eyes are Red ? Taken after a weekend party ?




  5. Inbavalli says:

    How about those hugely popular two-legged pets… very cute and very interactive, you know. They may even resemble you 😉

    Yeah, yeah, I’m quite a maami that way 😀


  6. ilegirl says:

    Delightful! Loving the comments too. Seriously, my boss has 2 daughters, 6 dogs, 5 cats, and his house is surprisingly clean. While there’s a lot of activity, beneath it all is a sense of serenity and trust that can only come from love.


  7. red soul says:

    what an amazing picture!! 🙂


  8. shi says:

    At least I share Halwa obsession with you 😉


  9. Who’s the dog in the pic? I feel like running my hand over his (or her) fur and brushing my check against his wet nose!


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