Children, media and parents

Two seemingly unrelated posts. One on how the notions of ‘dark skin is indicative of inherent evil tendencies‘ seems to permeate an animated series for children, and the other on young kids dressed up by their parents – in clothes which are inappropriate.

Some of us are saved from the fate of low self-esteem thanks to our parents or the media. But with both feeding us messages that are inclined to make us hate ourselves if we don’t conform, what hope is there for little ones?

But then I think I became a little numb to it when I saw the mother of an 8 year old asking the woman in the salon if the baby’s legs could be waxed.

Call me traditional, but I felt like slapping the father of the 3ish year old the other day on the bus. Kid says ‘fuck’, and father grins. Brilliant. It’s probably tough being a parent, and I’d probably screw up as much as the next one, but some parents just make me feel violent.

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4 Responses to Children, media and parents

  1. Unmana says:

    I would be much more inclined to slap the first parent than the second, though. Call me perverted, but I would probably find a three-year-old saying ‘fuck’ funny. (I certainly found my two-year old niece singing and dancing along to “Pappu can’t dance saala” and only being able to pronounce the right word right hilarious.) But waxing an eight-year-old. That’s just cruel.


  2. perplexed says:

    waxing for an 8 year old??!!! shheesh! that, I am sure is child abuse!!


  3. yuva says:

    as single soul..i will admit i have only opinion not experience… i think interesting take on this subject is home game by micheal lewis (and i subscribe to his view)..

    i remember one of tina fey’s award acceptance speech– how her parents give too much confident which is far beyond her looks & abilities and well done for that..every parent must do that.

    so the best way a parent can help to NOT screw up their kids is by changing themselves.

    but then even with screwed parents, kids can turn up ok if situation supports it.


  4. indisch says:

    If it were my kid I’d probably have said, ‘In time you’ll get to do that too.’ 😉


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