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Am a prize idiot. When I booked tickets way back in November, I assumed ten days off. Booked return on the 1st of March. Realised a month back that 1st was Holi. Idiot. That picture is from early mid-90s. I … Continue reading

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The seaside

Could you love the sea if you weren’t introduced to it at a very young age? For instance, do you have to introduce dogs at a young age, when they are still wobbly kneed puppies to salt water? Is it … Continue reading

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United Coffee House

Sometimes you land up at a place that used to hold a lot of awe for you. Like United Coffee House. I couldn’t really afford their prices as a student, but would try and get there anyway. And so it … Continue reading

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India calling

In Delhi. Yay! Weather is lovely, have had two wholesome meals and one plate of Golgappa already. Have already started shopping and felt its consequent fatigue. All in a few jetlagged hours. In Mumbai for a few days next week, … Continue reading

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Binaca geetmala and other connections

Thanks to a few wonderful friends, I discovered the link to this – Binaca Geetmala. I think Ameen Sayani’s voice was somehow inescapable when I was growing up. But things changed at a breathless pace in the 90s. My sister … Continue reading

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Immigration, peace and contentment

Oh, the severe, languishing irony in this story. In short, the daughter of an immigrant turns into a rabid anti-immigration politician. And then gets tired of the country she lives in and moves to another, because she’s looking for peace … Continue reading

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Minor Annoyances: Indian women and Beauty

A rather hypersensitive part of my head gets a bit agitated when random people feel free to tell you that Asian women look hot, or Indian women are pretty or some damn variation of the same theme. Never mind the … Continue reading

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Film: My Name Is Khan

I went in, desperately wanting to like My Name Is Khan. I came out with a sense of relief. That the film was over, and that I could go home and drown my brain in the mental equivalent of a … Continue reading

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Not having blogged in the last month…

A few general things on life. Considering this is the longest the blog has remained quiet – about a month of silence I think. The New Year started on a very raw note. I felt like the universal cow was … Continue reading

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