Not having blogged in the last month…

A few general things on life. Considering this is the longest the blog has remained quiet – about a month of silence I think.

The New Year started on a very raw note. I felt like the universal cow was chewing my happiness. By the fourth week of January though, it felt like the happiness had been spat out like cud and I grabbed what I could. So there it is, I am relatively happier than I was on the 1st of Jan. Which is fantastic.

1. Saw Rann. What an awful film. What’s with camera work that shows you two quarters of someone’s nose, a half ear and maybe magnified eyes? If I want to go look at Picasso, a film called Rann isn’t where I expect to see it. Was bored to death watching the film.

2. Saw Ishqiya. How charming, how lovely, how dark. My childhood crush on Nasseruddin Shah remains alive. I now also have crushes on Arshad Warsi and Vidya Balan. Of the two awesome songs in the film, one wakes me up in the morning, and the other makes a melancholic nerd out of me at night.

3. Saw Paris again. I was right the first time around.

4. It pays to complain. I complained and am receiving some compensation where in the first instance the authority in charge denied all liability.

I do want to write more. Sometimes, the thought of people mercilessly deleting my feed from their feedreaders makes me want to howl. But other than making what can be described as a Sweet Potato, Coriander, Coconut Dal nothing too exciting is happening in my life.

Actually, am in India from the 19th of Feb. That is exciting.

I forgot how lovely it is to be able to hit publish. πŸ™‚

PS: Dancing to Ibn-E-Batuta after midnight and before 4 AM will wake up the neighbours. Know that. Use that.

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14 Responses to Not having blogged in the last month…

  1. MultiMenon says:

    This new years has been raw for me too,some how..And I have heard about this from many more ppl.. 😦 Ishqiya was awesome?? I was rather confused watching the movie.. :O Welcome bak home,in advance.. :))



  2. Ishqiya? In London? Pray, please to tell where. Really want to watch.
    Good to have you writing again. After having had a pretty raw New Year’s myself with lack of blogging on either side of it, I know what a wonderful feeling it is to be able to write and then hit publish again.

    Cheers to lots more of it in the year ahead. πŸ™‚


  3. Kama says:

    Just to say that some are very stubborn and won’t delete your blog from their feed-burner and will simply be patient and hopeful that the writing will come back in due time!


  4. ilegirl says:

    I missed you!


  5. harithekid says:

    You stopping by in Hyd by any chance on your trip to India this time at least?


  6. Anjali says:

    Hi Neha,

    Great to see a new post on your blog!

    Wish you a great trip and loads of happiness and fun!



  7. Sajith says:

    That indeed is exciting! πŸ™‚


  8. Nehuli says:

    Shes back shes back!!!!! Yay!
    I cant stop dancing to Ibn-e-Batuta either and the other song: are we talking about ‘badi dheere jali’??? Gives me goosebumps every time!
    I also loved Dil toh baccha hai jee!
    So glad to read your post after sooo long!

    Have fun in India!

    much love


  9. IdeaSmith says:

    Two things.

    1. Writing about what you’re cooking (especially if cooking feels like World War III to you) is allowed. I’ve done it myself this month.

    2. You’re in India. It’s good manners to say hello, even better form to meet. And you’re good at getting the hint. πŸ™‚


  10. Multimenon: Think New Year’s always a hard time that way. Ishqiya was fantastic as I saw it two hours before I saw Rann that just completely annoyed me. It’s a suitably dark film for my tastes.. what can I say!

    Flaneurbanite: I will tell you all about the ‘torrent’ial aunt. But was so pleased to see it – was feeling deprived without the ability to access the film. πŸ™‚

    Kama: Here’s to patient readers like you. I guess it’s been nearly six years since I started blogging on W/W – and sometimes even I lose my patience with it. Do I really have that much to say anyway?

    ilegirl: I missed myself! And I missed the pleasure of reading what others had to say… It’s easy to forget what this space lets me do…

    harithekid: Nakko! Unfortunately.. short trip so making the best of it by not spending too much time traveling from one city to another. My loss!

    Anjali: Thanks!

    Sajith: The dal or the trip?

    Ideasmith: I rather like cooking actually, but am no pro at it – and make insane combinations when I feel like it. Don’t want to give readers a tummy ache! Good manners shall be adhered to. Unfortunately not in person – you’re in Bombay aren’t you? 😦


  11. Sajith says:

    Umm, why, the trip, of course. I wouldn’t know about coconut daal.


  12. Neo says:

    I kinda like your blog.. Will come back. πŸ™‚ I liked your “about” page. Simple. Short. Sweet. πŸ™‚


  13. Kuppakkara Saibu says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog after a really long time…


  14. I too loved Ishqiya. Here’s what I wrote after watching it:


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