Immigration, peace and contentment

Oh, the severe, languishing irony in this story.

In short, the daughter of an immigrant turns into a rabid anti-immigration politician. And then gets tired of the country she lives in and moves to another, because she’s looking for peace and contentment. (Of all the countries you can find peace and contentment in – if it is at all possible – she chooses the UK).

Australian former anti-immigration politician Pauline Hanson is selling up and heading to Britain, according to an interview with an Australian magazine.

She told Women’s Day that Australia was no longer a land of opportunity and she had “had enough” of living there.

Ms Hanson built a career on claims that Australia was being “swamped by Asians”

Oh oh. Does she know how many ‘Asians’ live in Britain?

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7 Responses to Immigration, peace and contentment

  1. sajith says:

    There’s no link.


  2. Broom says:

    Oh, but she’s white – therefore not a ‘REAL’ immigrant.


  3. Silvara says:

    Tell me about it…I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it on the news. Don’t worry, Pauline Hanson is just hoping that her loyal followers might beg her to stay. No chance mate 😀


  4. Lekhni says:

    Oh yes, the multiple ironies here 🙂 Clearly she feels that it’s only Asians who don’t have the right to immigrate 🙂 I see the same thing happening in the US, and like the Australians, most Americans too forget that their forefathers were all immigrants.


  5. ilegirl says:

    Good grief – it would be funny were it not so sad that even in this century someone could be so ethnocentric!


  6. Aparna says:

    Pauline Hanson is a white supremasist. She lost elections and lost her face saying stupid things in the past. She is moving to UK because she is seeing an ally in BNP. I gather that BNP has already welcomed her to its fold like a long lost soul sister. I am sure BNP has one more voice to sell its White supremasist policy.


  7. kaangeya says:

    How did Pauline manage to swing a UK permanent residence permit? I thought the UK had some pretty tough norms. Or is it the “White Autralian” policy now a UK policy?


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