India calling

In Delhi. Yay! Weather is lovely, have had two wholesome meals and one plate of Golgappa already. Have already started shopping and felt its consequent fatigue. All in a few jetlagged hours.

In Mumbai for a few days next week, part of a last minute change in plans. Some people to meet, and some places to revisit. All very exciting. I’ll go eat some more to keep my excitement in control. Okay?

Meanwhile I’ll go catch up on sleep. I had a woman sat next to me on the flight talk to me about her persistent urinary tract infection for 2 hours, after which she spoke about her four grown, well-settled children for another 3 hours.

I must have the face of a sucker.

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4 Responses to India calling

  1. Yuva says:

    iam jealous..;/ i was suppose to be in india which got cancelled last min literally…due to some stupid work.

    have fun..


  2. Deepan says:

    Excellent time to be in Delhi ! You must go to the Garden of 5 Senses (near Mehrauli) , I hear its all improved now and is the place to see.

    Also the ever expanding metro !


  3. 30in2005 says:

    Aaaah Delhi in all its wintery sunshine glory. If a city could be hugged I would ask you to do so.


  4. I am in India, and haven’t had Golgappas for ages! I am going to have them soon now.


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