United Coffee House

Sometimes you land up at a place that used to hold a lot of awe for you. Like United Coffee House. I couldn’t really afford their prices as a student, but would try and get there anyway. And so it is that when I am in Delhi, I somehow or the other find an excuse to go there.

United Coffee House - Connaught Place, Delhi

Perhaps some places are better if they don’t move with time. UCH is a bit timeless that way. On an average you will struggle to see anyone under the age of 35 there. (Yes, I am 28, but I possibly look 35 anyway – and plus have always had a mildly ancient soul). The trendy crowd doesn’t really stick around in Connaught Place these days, having migrated en masse to the glitzy malls.

It’s the kind of place that works exceptionally well in the hot summers. The insides are a few shades darker and the air conditioner appears to provide that slightly sleep hum. The chaos of CP, right outside appears to melt into little puddles at the door.

United Coffee House, Connaught Place, Delhi

I am still in awe of this place. The innocence of it so appealing that the kitsch stops being kitschy. It’s for these mildly unapparent reasons I love Delhi. In the winters, it alternates between being a moody cat that finds the insides of your bag appealing, and a bored dog – only interested in getting some sun. Either way, you need to flirt with the city to get it to like you. And we Delhi women like to flirt. It all works out.

PS – The food is not amazing. Just about above-average. But that never seems to matter.

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6 Responses to United Coffee House

  1. a traveller says:

    I was introduced to UCH by my parents as a child, and in turn introduced it to my coffee-loving friends when we were doing our post-graduation. We always felt out of place there – it was a bit too cultured for a group of giggling students. But we loved going back there every time anyway! 🙂

    Haven’t been there in nearly two years – must find an excuse soon.


  2. Chevalier says:

    If you ever get a chance, do go visit Cafe Louvre in Prague – it’s eerily identical to the UCH (the decor, the ‘vibe’, the demographics of the people – and even the old chandeliers).


  3. Deepan says:

    It used to do a mean butter chicken. not any more ! I particularly like the seating on the balcony on the first floor from where you’ve taken the picture.

    Did you go to Volga ? that was more affordable on a student budget.


  4. MultiMenon says:

    I have never been here..Btw,I am unable to view the fotos.. 😦


  5. Gautam says:

    Much like Koshy’s and India Coffee House in Bangalore. It’s never about the food..


  6. I understand exactly what you said about UCH. Cannaught Place.

    Like the way you described yourself as a mildly ancient soul. I am one too 🙂


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