Am a prize idiot. When I booked tickets way back in November, I assumed ten days off. Booked return on the 1st of March. Realised a month back that 1st was Holi. Idiot.

Holi / Early 90s

That picture is from early mid-90s. I am not in it. Possibly somewhere in the periphery plotting world domination. But I loved Holi. Till the boys got hormonal. But I still like it. The sheer madness of it. Colours, mud, slush, what’s not to like. The last rowdy Holi I played was on the TISS campus, where it got very very muddy.

Anyhow, am sure you get enough of the happy Holi type songs. You know – bhang infused joyous declarations of love and revelry. Here’s a more melancholy one.

An utter favourite, and such a lovely thought – Who do I play Holi with, having been left alone by my beloved? Yes, very cheesy and dramatic, but gives you some deep sighs.

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8 Responses to Holi

  1. Naqvee says:

    HI Neha, was searching through some Indi-blogs and found yours. – it’s nice to know that Holi is one festival you enjoyed thoroughly.. look at me.. I have never played holi as i can’t bear the smell of colors..

    anyways looking others play it is an equal joy for me!
    take care
    love Naqvee


  2. Deepan says:

    Lovely. Get some Basant to London !


  3. Yuva says:

    happy holi


  4. David Sasaki says:

    I’ve never celebrated Holi before and I was hoping that this would be my first year to do so, but sadly I wasn’t able to find any festivities around the Los Angeles area. 😦


  5. Kavitha says:

    Ah! Yet another beautiful composition in Yaman 🙂

    *sigh* indeed.


  6. Gradwolf says:

    Holi capitalizes the F in fun. No other festival does that. Miss the days in Bombay.


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  8. Soli says:

    That picture is nostalgia because I haven’t played Holi in a long time.

    That composition in Yaman ‘Kinu sang khelun Holi’ is what I put on my blog last year and tweeted this year too. The meaning might be cheesy but a beautiful composition.


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