Meh and other space fillers

Wanting to write something is somewhat like nausea. You feel slightly disoriented till it’s out. And since there is no such urge, I don’t write often enough.

But life has actually been rather vibrant in some ways. A visit to the lovely sandy beaches in the South West early this month was the perfect way to start summer.

When I first got to England, the pebbly beaches in the South East felt a lot closer (and cheaper to get to) and that’s where I headed. But pebbles don’t make a beach. Not in my book. And that’s why walking in sand with little wavelets jumping between your toes is such pleasure. If a visit to a beach doesn’t involve an element of sinking into the sand, it’s incomplete.

But it’s no reason not to enjoy a pebbly beach should you be on one. Am still learning that. (Yes, this is all very figurative.)

I’ll go look for the writerly nausea now. About time.

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5 Responses to Meh and other space fillers

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  2. I love the way you describe beaches. “Walking in sand with little wavelets jumping between your toes”. I can feel the waves and the sand between my toes now 🙂


  3. yuva says:

    lovely..what better way to spend the summer..


  4. Sukhdeepak says:

    Very good way to spend summer. Nice blog.


  5. Ashwin says:

    My fav tam writer Sujatha once wrote “I dont write. When there’s something to be said, it makes me sit up and write and comes through me and not because of me”.

    That was philosophical. Its kinda funny that I felt that urge to write and ended up creating a self-deprecating (and wife-deprecating) post about the social angle of the first night about marriage.

    After naalu thittu and halwa/mallipu equivalents, I was allowed to publish. I think its better to control the urge than face the surge!


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